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Are you 100% happy with your ball?

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 I've been playing Srixon TriSpeedTours for the last couple months and have been ,for the most part, very happy with the ball. Crazy long off the tee,nice boring trajectory,good roll out, fits my driver shaft characteristics pretty much perfectly, I don't think I could ask for more. Off the woods and hybrids,same thing, responds to how I want it to work. Checks up well enough, hop and maybe a few inches of roll, still manageable and I usually leave my pitches and wedges a bit short anyways.Putts well enough but the Cally HexChromes have impressed me more in feel and control. Off the irons though, ugh, every time I've pulled out an iron with these it's felt like a mishit even if it wasn't. Granted my swingspeed with a driver is now in the low 100's and I'm sure my iron ss is probably nowhere close to that but I even notice a lower ball flight with these,just feels dead.

                  If I had gotten the same length out of the Hex Chromes or the same greenside control from the E6's or just a little bit more of everything from the Gamers, I'd play those balls because they all felt better off the irons. If I'm only,say 15% unhappy with these should I consider myself lucky and just play on or is there a 'perfect ball for everyone'?

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I really have no complaints with the ball I play (Titleist Pro-V1), except for maybe the price per dozen. Now I just buy Pro-V1 Practice Balls for $30 and wipe out the "PRACTICE" with a black sharpie. b2_tongue.gif
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It's my golf game that causes me anguish.....

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I'm very happy with Srixon Q Star.


Never use any other ball.

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I recently attended a Bridgestone ball fitting. I played my typical Pinnacle gold for about 5 shots in front of their launch monitor and then they analyzed the data and fitted me with an E6, told me I would have more distance and less side spin. Great! I hate the damn thing, can't hit a decent shot with that ball to save my life! So I'm back to the Pinnacle and happy again. I say go with what you are comfortable with and with what works for you.
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TM Lethals are shorter off the driver than the nike tour D's that i used to play with. but i do like (and i have to adjust a bit) that the Lethals check up considerably more than the Nikes on pitches and chips.


I'm about 85% happy with the taylormade ball....

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I either play the DT Solo or Bridgestone e6.  I like them both.  DT Solo feels softer so often I reach for it.  But the e6 is a nice ball as well, just not as soft around the greens.

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For the price I play the trispeed tours as well and like them. But I am not picky with my ball. I don't notice much difference unless a ball is hard as a rock like the Nike 20xis I tried.
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