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Qualifying for the Tour

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So I need a little help here...

200 on the tour, top 125 earn cards for next year, top 25 on web come aboard, what about the other 50 players on tour next year? Where are they coming from?
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Internet golf forums.

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This answer kind of sucks Stretch.... Anyone else?
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There are only 125 that have fully exempt priviledges, right?  I would assume that the last 50 are fully exempt web.com tour players who have partial status (or whatever the term is) on the PGA tour.  But that's a wild guess ... I really have no clue.

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Originally Posted by clutchshot View Post

This answer kind of sucks Stretch.... Anyone else?

I'm no expert on it but there are people playing on the PGA Tour with limited status that weren't in the top 125 last year. They have to play in events that many of the players aren't playing and can't really set their schedule.


I have no idea if that's the answer to your question or not but it's the only thing I can think of.

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There were only ever 175 cards before.  25 from Q school, 25 web.com, 125 PGA tour.  Now they come from 125 PGA Tour, 25 web.com, 25 from playoffs, which consist of 126-200 on PGA tour and 26-75 on web.com.  (maybe 26-50)


There are many players with conditional status as past champions, or whatever it may be.  Also, PGA Tour winners receive 2 year exemptions.   

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The answer is the Web.com Tour Finals. The top 75 on the Web.com Tour money list, plus the top 75 on the PGA Tour who failed to qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs (plus any non-members who would be between 126-200 in the FedEx Cup standings), make up the field for four tournaments. The top 25 on the Web.com Tour money list are already on the PGA Tour for 2014, but their results in the finals will determine the priority of their membership; the top 25 on the finals money list not yet eligible will also earn their tour cards for the upcoming season.


The PGA Tour money list still counts for membership, but on a lesser priority than FedEx Cup standings, so any golfer who didn't make the playoffs, yet still finishes above #125 on the money list still qualifies. The non-member exemption is carrying over to FedEx Cup points as well. Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano is well above the 125th place threshold in projected points, and Hideki Matsuyama will be ahead on both points and money after this weekend; both will be playing in America next year.

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Thanks guys, much appreciated.
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Anyone else a bit disappointed with Faldo and his complete and utter lack of acknowledgement (or ignorance) of the web.com playoff system..........basically saying that those guys with no other status that don't make the top 125 (e.g. bud cauley) have to go back to web/com....I do NOT think he was referencing the playoffs, just ignorance


I may be wrong

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To be honest, I go between liking Faldo and thinking he is a....

Sometimes he rubs me off as a little full of himself.
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