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Thoughts on the Noodle Long and Soft Ball

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I am a 25 handicap with a decent swing speed and distance off the tee. I am just not consistent with hitting it fat or catching it thin.  


Is this a good ball for me?

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Those balls are some of the worst on the market. They start to scuff after being hit, good balls only will grow plastic hairs if they hit cart paths and trees? i used to think it was the fiddler and no the fiddle but there is something to better equipment. My advice is to buy Some decent balls and play courses that are more wide open. Try some Bridgestone E6, they are available for around 25 bucks vs the Noodles for 13 bucks..
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if you have a McSports near buy, look into the Wilson Ultra's  i have hit the distance versions and i think they are 15 for 12$..   they are a low spin / compression ball   


Also look into like a low compression Maxfli ball...   i picked up two boxes from golf galaxy for 20$ 


could also look into Top-flite too..

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Agree.  I always thought Noodles were terrible and never understood why people seem to like them.

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Ok ball for price IMO. I prefer Srixon soft feel. Similar Two piece ball I get a little better performance
Out of. Don't want to give more advice than u probably get already but keeping my lead shoulder
Down at impact fixed most of my fat shots.
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Noodles are very good balls in my opinion.

I don't know where the other posters got their opinions from but mine are from personal experience.

I especially like the Noodle+.

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For economy balls, I really think the best deals are last years models. For instance, the TM TP3 for $19 a dozen from rockbottomgolf.com is/was a better golf ball (IMHO) than the top flite Game / Callaway HX Warbird / Bridgestone e6 from this year. They also have 3 dozen ammo boxes (3 dozen balls in a box without individually wrapped sleeves) for $51 a piece fo the tp3, and $45 for the HX hot plus from callaway, which was another great ball.
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I tried them and did not like them very much. there are better buys out there, as mentioned rockbottom and budget golf have good prices for very decent golf balls IMHO

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If you only want to spend a buck a ball noodles will get the job done but I've been getting used DT solos for about 80 cents a ball after shipping and they are WAY better. Nice feeling ball with all the clubs.
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I also like Noodles-the regular Noodle. They are my budget ball. The DT Solo is my step up ball more feel for not too much more money.
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