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What Ball type and color do you prefer so you can see it easier when using a Driver ? - Page 4

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I like yellow for visibility, but they are not recommended when there are fall weather leaves on the course. Same thing probably goes for orange balls. For fall time, I think white would be the easiest to find in the fairways...and of course, nobody I know hits the balls into the rough!!b1_ohmy.gif
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Originally Posted by tomvk77 View Post

If you think the color off a golfball will help your game is worse i think.

I mean for decades the golfball was white, some aspects off the game should stay the same.

but this is just my opinion.

If you think a yellow or orange ball is easier to find, i suggest you see the local pro, a white ball on the fairway is easiest to find, even in the rough. 


But which "aspects of (sic) the game" are we to keep and which are we to improve?


I see from your signature that you play a  "Dirver: Mizuno JPX 825 9,5 Fujikura Orochi Red Eye Stiff 65 g" Was a hickory shaft not an option?


I love playing a yellow ball. Easier to see in flight on most days and easier to identify in the fairway on all days. "I guess I'm the yellow one way down there."

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Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post

Nope, wrong. Cause does not come from the word because, it's the other way around. The English "by cause" and the French "par cause" became the word because.

I use white balls.

LOL indeed or even por causa in Portuguese .

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Originally Posted by Golfingdad View Post

Cause isn't even a word in the sense that you are suggesting.  There is no "short for because."


Although, I do take issue with Mozgolf's post because everybody knows its spelled "cuz."  If you're going to make up a word based on slang speak, the least you could do is spell it phonetically.  Come on, man! :-P:beer:


Oh, and I play white balls for now.  I've always thought about trying yellow, simply because I would stress less over people walking off with it when I hit it into the wrong fairway, but haven't brought myself to do it yet.

OMG we are tiny minded today.


I understand perfectly well how most of the English language works. It still does not stop people pronouncing the word as cos, coz or even b'cos. Not cuz school- master, that's a slang for cousin in many places, get out and live a little. What everybody are you talking about- the Swamp People cast? Some of us are not from the US of A and have traveled a little, might even have written a masters degree dissertation or two.


This is a golf thread about the color/ colour of golf balls not a school lesson in petty grammar. Relax this is a place to chill out a little, not to get schooled by pissants or is that piss-ants or just piss ants?

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LOL..my Cuz likes pink balls....:-$

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Lol, My cuz is a piss ant! And for the record I play at dawn and only use the orange balls for the first few holes in winter, but if I grab a couple of pars then I stick with it!
Also, cause is a word in its own right! But is incorrectly often used as a shortened substitute for because, cause takes so long to add two letters in front of it!
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I disagree that coloured balls are easier to find for older eyes. My GF just took up the game, and still being a girl at 54, she bought pink balls.


Can't find them at all. We spent more time looking for her balls that she hit 50-70 yards than any drive of mine.

The pinkish-purple just seems to blend in with the colour of old divots and dying grass. We literally drove over

some balls. Meanwhile, we could be 150 yds from my white ball, and it stood out like a beacon.

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I picked up some yellow Slazenger balls a couple of weeks ago, but haven't played them yet. I was out of golf balls (used up my last 6, hadn't purchased any sleeves since I started playing again). I haven't gotten to try them out. I wanted to get some orange, but didn't see any on-sale while I was out, and a "quality" ball doesn't mean as much to a crappy golfer as a "cheap" one, because I know I'll burn through them (lost 7 last time out). I bought them because a couple of balls weren't hit out but couldn't be found, and I anticipate some later golfing (prices go from $22 to $15 to $10, based on time of day, where we play), so having something more-visible made more sense to me.

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With aging eyes the yellow balls are much easier for me to follow off the tee, the white ball just disappears

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