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What I meant was that my ball striking is much better on the artificial turf than on the real grass and that is why I am promoting practicing off the real thing, except for driver as that doesn't matter either way. I am able to hit 10 to 15 nice shots in a row before a bad one sneaks in. Also,that at is why I said 7 thru pitcher, because once I get to the 6 and 5 I just can't controll that big fade.. I will post my swing very soon though because I am really looking for good feedback to help me transition my hits to the course.
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yep, I think that everybody knew what you meant and no sense in stating the obvious. The other poster was only trying to elicit some sort of reaction in this (and a lot of other) threads. Glad you did not take the bait. A good compromise is hitting off a rather plush mat that somewhat mimics real turf, but even so, they are more forgiving.  These past several weeks, I have hit hundreds if not thousands of balls off my back yard set up to the point of shredding my back drop target in two!  No more tears since the bottom half is now gone. Should it also get demolished, I will resort to painting a target on the back drop (Shade Cloth). either that, or having my least favorite person's face silk screened onto it.

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I practice because I hate sucking on the course, which is all the time.

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For me, personally, I hit the range about as much as I play (1-2x / week each). My range time is to test adjustments, get into some sort of rhythm, or just plain find a swing that works for me. I'm looking for consistency most of the time that I can take out to the course.
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Simple reason why I practice more than I play, MONEY.

I practice at a FREE practice range, you have to bring your own balls and pick them up afterwards.

I get to play a round about every 4 to 6 weeks.

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I like bowling. I am not good at it nor do I play often. I never practice at it. However I can have a great time sucking at that sport while enjoying the company of friends and family. The same things could be said about baseball/softball, tennis, or just about any other sport, but then there is golf. I just despise playing bad golf. I have been playing for 35 years and I know what I am capable of so I refuse to accept poor performance. Therefore whenever my game is what I consider severely off, I hit the range hard and for whatever duration it may take. I'm just coming off a 6 week swing reconstruction and the results are not only impressive but repeatable so for the foreseeable future the range will be for warm ups and tune ups only. Bring on the course!

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