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what makes ladies clubs ladies clubs?

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I have only been playing for about four months but love it! I would love to get my wife to try it but there is a problem. She is lrft handed! We dont want to spend a fortune finding ladies left handed clubs and I was wondering I assume it is just the flex of the shaft.? Is there something that would work like just a really light flex shaft so she could try it out?
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Typically its shaft flex but often they have weaker lofts to accomodate a woman's slower swing speed.

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Isn't shaft lengths different as well?

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Originally Posted by sigfan2340 View Post

Isn't shaft lengths different as well?

That I dont know.  I would imagine its the case though.

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I'm guessing you guys covered it all. Maybe also generally bigger club heads too? Along with whippier, lighter, shorter shafts, and quite possibly weaker lofts, that's probably the gist of it. Don't forget the pastel color palettes too. :)

Op, try eBay ... I bought my wife a decent beginner (full set) there for a reasonable price. She's right handed however there were plenty of choices ... I bet you could find some in lefty.

Otherwise try Craigslist or something for used clubs.
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Originally Posted by Golfingdad View Post

Otherwise try Craigslist or something for used clubs.


Bad idea. Find a used women's set - or a new set - at a golf shop. Let her hit the clubs to see if they fit her.


blaylock, get her a lesson or two so she knows what to do. It's a bit late in the year for golf clinics, but individual lessons might help.


Some details on women's clubs: In the early 2000s, the golf OEMs started doing golf club design specifically for women. Some women who are taller and/or have a softball background can play with R-flex clubs. But, they are in a minority.


The average woman needs help getting the ball airborne. More flexible shafts help. Also, women tend to have less clubhead speed, giving them less distance separation between irons. So, some sets run 7, 9, SW, and skip the in between irons. See WSJ article by Timothy J. Carroll for more info: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121372702050581575.html


And as women's clothing has petite lines, so do women's clubs. The petites are for women 5-foot-2 and under, and have shafts an inch shorter than standard women's; lie angles are also flatter. A site for women's petite clubs: http://www.livestrong.com/article/376194-the-best-womens-petite-golf-clubs/

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I was considering making a date of it and doing some couples lessons.
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Clubs in women's petite length are not so easy to find. If your gf is shorter than 5 ft 2 in, she should use women's petite length clubs, as mentioned a couple of posts ago. Wilson makes a full set that comes in petite length. For an inexpensive start you can buy some inexpensive used women's irons and get maybe just the 5, 7, and 9 irons shortened by one inch.
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Yeah... Don't do Craigslist....

Goto a sporting goods store, you can buy like a top flight or acuity set for like $150 bucks bag and all. You can also get a Maxfli set for around $250-$300. I know a few ladies who have been golfing for years and are still using their Maxfli sets, not bad clubs.

To add to stats on women's clubs:
- weaker shaft flex
- considerably shorter shafts
- different lofts
- different gaps in lofts
- more hybrids such as 4,5,&6
- deaper cavities
-larger soles

Much different sets....
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All of the above is good advice, flex, length, loft, but what I think is the most important part is swing weight. Men's SW is typically D-0 and down, most men's clubs are D-4. Women's clubs are typically C-8 and up. Taking a inch off a D-4 could bring the SW down to about a D-1 or so but the static weight will still feel heavy. To me, lighter heads, shafts and grips are the way to go for most petite women.

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Thanks guys i am going to wait a while and hope i can find a 5 iron or something just to let her try it and see what she thinks. She has a tendancy to be easily frustrated and if i bought a whole set i dont know how easy it would be to sell a womens left handed set! My wife is 5'9". Would she need a regular set or xl?
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If she takes couple's lessons with you, the pro can get an idea of what flex she needs in the early going.


Whatever, don't just buy a set and hope it works. Let her test it out first. Also, find a golf shop that carries L-handed women's clubs.

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