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Originally Posted by Meltdwhiskey View Post


As much as I hate hitting out of the sand - probably better than the tick/snake thing you had to deal with.

Its been fixed on about 10 of the 18 and they've added a few fairway bunkers with the leftover sand. But to me no one around me on the golf course behind or in front of me gives to time to relax on shots and freedom to play fast if possible.

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Originally Posted by nevets88 View Post



I would guess that many people who complain about slow play live in areas where pace of play on the weekends and even weekdays is 5 hours, minimum, typically 5:30 to 6. For example, in NYC or LA. I would be ecstatic to finish a round on a public NYC courses in a little over 4 hours.


I've been on vacation and played resort vacationer type courses where rounds are 5:30. That's something to justifiably complain about.

Thats unreal. I don't think I could play a casual 5 and a half hour round. I would just quit after the two hour plus first 9

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Amazing experience today really was fun. A group of two in front of me asked me to play with them on the last two holes. It was really neat and fun playing with other people rather than just alone. So friendly people on the golf course.

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Originally Posted by Fourputt View Post

I wonder if the differing ranking in pace of play isn't also partly because when playing on a vacation, we play on courses which for the most part don't pack the players on as densely.  I know that most of the nicer courses I play when I'm away from home use a 10-12 minute interval on the tee sheet as opposed to 9 minutes and less for most "home" courses.  As a result of the lighter load, pace is usually better so it doesn't raise as much concern as it might on a busier home course.  Then too, if you are like me you are playing more weekday golf when you are on vacation, so courses are naturally less crowded.  Just some thoughts anyway.  

I ranked pace of play low on my list for courses away from home.  I would rate it high for home course.  That's b/c when I play away, I don't mind soaking in the experience of playing a new course (usually more upscale one than my home course).   I hate it when I am forced to play a hurry/ready golf on a new course that I just paid good money to play (e.g $200+/round on Pasatiempo).  

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Originally Posted by barbm12thtee View Post

1. All par 5's are reachable in 2.
2. All fairways have a level stance.
3. Fairways are 50 yards wide.
4. No water or lateral hazards or out of bounds.
5. All greens are set up to funnel into the hole.
6. No green side bunkers or all are puttable.
7. The rough is the same as the greens first cut (apron).
This would make me happy!💃

And the par/sss being 72/75!
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that would make the course boring.
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Originally Posted by wils5150 View Post

The pace of play thing cracks me up. I am a ASuperintendent at a public course and ya we have had a few 6 hour rounds on the weekends which does stink no doubt about it. And the number 1 reason is the greens are to fast. Everybody wants fast greens but most people cant handle them. 3 and 4 putt greens is one of the big factors of slow play in my opinion.

^^^  This is a valid point; three and four putts add a lot of time to the round.  Also related is when the hole is cut in a place that is impossible...it's a public course for gosh sakes.... are you intentionally trying to slow things down?


Played a course yesterday......no senior discounts (seems a lot of courses do not think we seniors are seniors on the weekends)....horrible teeing grounds....less than 1/4" sand in bunkers....greens had not been mowed...no beverage carts came around during round...one of three water coolers were empty.

Not surprising pace of play was not a real problem!!


Off Topic...Do we here at TST have a place to rate courses by name or would that open up a can of worms?

I would like to hear what other people have to say about their experiences.

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sadly not every hole can be cut in the perfect spot. so many of the new courses have funky greens that have a few good spots on them. So we have to use some strange places once in a while. Again if people didnt demand greens rolling 10,11  or 12 on the stimp these positions wouldnt be half as bad.  it's kind of like everybody saying the hit 300 yard dives .golfers think they  like fast fast greens but in reality they can.t putt them

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1.)  Course conditions.


2.) Green fees, very closely tied to #1.


3.)  Cart quality.  Strangely, this is something I tend to notice.  I can't stand gas carts and even carts without automatic brakes are a little bit annoying.



Pace of play isn't that high on my list actually, and no I'm definitely not a slow player, but when I schedule a round I expect to spend the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the scenery/summer.

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I play in my fair share of tournaments and pace of play is not always great.  I try not to let it bother me.  I can deal with a 5+ hour round if I have to. 

Course conditions related to the cost I am paying is probably highest on my list. 

If I am paying top dollar, the course better be in great shape.

Cost is important but again it is related to course condition.

I don't like tricked up golf courses, so design definitely a factor.

I also like courses that are scenic and down and back golf courses bore me to tears.  About the only down and back golf courses I ever enjoyed playing was on the Pacific Ocean and the views of Catalina made up for the design. 

Locker rooms and food and beverage service don't matter that much to me away from home as long as there is somewhere close by to get something to drink.

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