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Hole in one stories!

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Hey guys, was interested in hearing some hole in one stories. I myself have not had a hole in one yet, but interested to see what you guys have to share.

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I have two:


I was 13, my family was on vacation in the Florida Keys, and my father and I were playing a par 3 course at the resort down the road. The third hole was playing about 105, so I hit my gap wedge (at the time it was a 52*). I hit a really solid shot that was headed right at the flag. From the tee box, we thought the ball had flown the green, but the guys on the tee box behind the green starting losing it. That's when we realized that it had landed in the hole.


My second was on #13 at Silverhorn in San Antonio in the summer of 2009. I was playing by myself and hit an 8 iron from 162. The pin was cut right behind the front right greenside bunker, so I hit a high draw that landed just over the bunker and jumped hard towards the hole. I couldn't see the bottom of the pin, but I could see behind it where the ball should have rolled out. When I didn't see it roll out, I knew it had hit the hole. When I got up to the green, I could tell it must have gone in. Without stopping, I drove back to the next tee box, which was about 20 yards behind the green. As I drove up, one of the guys asked if everything was alright since I hadn't stopped at the green. I told the guy I thought I might have hit a hole in one and asked him to come with me to look. We drove back and he ran up to the flag and started jumping up and down when he saw it was in the hole. Thank God they were on the next tee. A hole in one without anyone around to attest to it may be the cruelest punishment that the golf gods can impose.

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Originally Posted by geauxforbroke View Post
A hole in one without anyone around to attest to it may be the cruelest punishment that the golf gods can impose.

No, I had worse happen to me. I've come so close twice that it isn't even funny.


While taking a playing lesson, I encountered #6 which was a short par 3 on the course I was playing. The pin was behind a front bunker, but to play away from the bunker means that you hit it onto a lower tiered section of the green. The green slopes back to front, and the pro told me to hit a 9 over the trap to the center at the pin, rather than hitting it to the front and risking the trap. I hit a solid 9 and watched it land about 2 feet past the pin, roll back, and lip out 180*. The worst part was when the pro yelled, "It's in!" as soon as it touched the edge of the hole, then him trying to reel his own excitement back in afterwords.


When playing with someone who was my dad's friend's dad, I came up to 17 on a different course. It's a long (~215yards) par 3 that is wide open. I hit a hybrid right at the pin and watched it half-disappear, then bounce up and hit the stick to bounce away from the hole. When we got up there, the entire front half of the hole was a mangled mess and I had to rebuild it before anyone could putt since it had landed right on the lip.

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My friend was playing round in a tournament, and he was in a group in front of me. It was a shortn enough par 3 that I could hit pitching wedge, and I was on the green of the previous hole, and they were all screaming for it 5o to in, and As it rolled closer, half of the ball was in, and IT HIT A ROCK! The pebble stopped iit. He got a picture of it on his phone, I'll try and get it uploaded.......
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I've never hit one but I came within about 5 seconds from preventing one. I was waiting for the foursome ahead of us (two dads, two teenage sons) to tee off on the 160 yard 1st hole of an executive course and that group was being outrageously slow, even though the green ahead was empty and they saw us waiting for them. They all were taking a dozen or so practice swings, switched clubs, practiced chipping, chatting, etc... and after literally more than 12 minutes of waiting with not a single one of the foursome having hit a ball yet, I lost my patience and started walking up to the green to chew them out for ridiculous delays. But then one of the teenage boys teed up his ball and actually took a swing just as I was about to say something, so I figured I'd just let him hit. The ball hit the front of the green and looked to be short, but got a decent roll, and then broke into the cup for an ace. I was litterally two steps away from being close enough to say something and surely would have ruined that shot. Boy was that kid ecstatic. Turned out their delays were a moot point, anyway, as we would have been rained out, anyway - we never even got to hit our tee shots before a thunderstorm rolled into the area.
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I had my first a fortnight ago.

Probably the purest iron I have hit all year.

But...the biggest anticlimax of my golfing career.

I always knew that if I ever had one there would be no reaction, but I almost upset myself with how unimportant it actually seemed at the time.

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Not sure if this counts, but my buddy has a serious slicing problem.  He hits the ball off the tee and it sails to the right.  He goes over to where he hit it [near a green] and asks the guy over there, "Did you see a ball this way?".  They find it in the cup!  D'oh!

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Hole in one!

I saw a few other threads on this but didn't want to thread-jack.
I've been playing since I was about 11 years old and have come close more times than I can count but never made one until yesterday, I had pretty much resigned myself to never making a HIO so to say I was excited is a huge understatement.
I have to say that the best part if my HIO was the fact that the beverage girl was up by the hole when it went in and as we were jumping around like idiots she drove up to the tee box, we still were not sure if it had gone in (the green was a little bit elevated and 182 yds away) so we asked like little kids with huge s**t eaten grins on our faces "did it go in?" to which she responded "f**k yes it went in".

Absolutely classic... I said "classic" not classy :)
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Originally Posted by Vinchenzio45 View Post

Hey guys, was interested in hearing some hole in one stories. I myself have not had a hole in one yet, but interested to see what you guys have to share.


1) par three, can't remember how long the hole was, I was in 6th grade, I hit my ball on the green, my buddy hit his, his ball hit mine on the fly, knocking mine into the hole. We didn't know that you needed to replace my ball- so we counted it as a 1



2) 167 yard par three, hit a six iron right, it then hit the trap rake bounced on to the green and well, it went in the hole.

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I've had two.  


First one was in the 1989 Club Championship.  140 yards.  Hit a perfect 8 iron about 6 feet past and left - my Titleist Tour Balata 100 spun back into the hole like it was on a string.  The day before I had played what is still my personal best, one over par 73.  It was by far the best weekend of golf I've ever played, with my personal best, first Ace, and both rounds in the 70's.


Second Ace was in May of 1990, 155 yards.  Skulled a 6 iron, hit the bank left of the green and shot to the right at about 30 mph, hit the flagstick dead center and dropped in the hole.  Not as pretty, but still an ace.

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I have none but have witnessed nine. I guess I'm good luck. :)

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Originally Posted by rustyredcab View Post

I have none but have witnessed nine. I guess I'm good luck. :)

This deserves a separate thread b1_ohmy.gif!

Over 500 rounds and I was never a witness to a HIO.
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I have one, happened when I just started playing golf, I was not quite 16 (1980).  


150 yard Par 3 a little down hill, I hit it short, it bounced on the green and rolled into the hole.  Was playing in a Junior Tournament at the time.  Not only did i fare well in the tournament, I also ended up winning First Prize in the Golf Digest Hole-In-One Sweepstakes (Not sure they even do this anymore) and won a set of Clubs that were called PGA Emblem Irons and Woods.  The irons actually had a place where you could add weights on the irons, little screws.  Not sure why I ever got rid of them, guess I didn't want to cart them around, kind of dumb, should have kept them.


I've witnessed 3, the last one back in June at a Member-Guest practice round. 

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I have 1 Ace...... 164yds 8-iron playing slightly uphill. Adams Pointe Golf Course summer of 2008....hole #12.(my home course in 2008)


I hit the most beautiful baby-draw that flew directly towards the pin.  The pin was cut middle-right in a bowl area so we didn't see it fall in he cup.  (I was paired with strangers)  After my tee shot, the entire group started talking about aces.  Nobody seriously thought I holed out, but it was a good looking shot and that was enough to provoke a discussion about ACES. lol


We get to the green and low and behold..........my ball is in the cup!! Exciting stuff.......for sure!!  I knew it was in...I could see my pitch mark and no ball...........and there is no way in hell it bounced off the back!!   I immediately bagged the ball for safe keeping and then proceeded to lose a ball on the next tee shot...LOL



I saved the ball and have it properly displayed.......as any hole-in-one ball should be displayed!!

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I woke up one Sunday morning, being a littel fuzzy from the wedding I attended the previous evening. Went into the bathroom to wash up and, while grabbing for the saline solution to clean off my contacts, I accidently grabbed the bottle of disinfecting solution. I ran some of it over my contact and put the contact in, immediately realizing what I had done, and flushed my eye out with saline. Too late though, and I burned my eye a bit, making it too senstive to be able to wear a contact in my eye that day. I hate wearing prescription glasses when I play golf, so I went out with the one contact, which was sufficient enough when I addressed the ball, but I would lose sight of it as soon as it got 100 yards or so away.

We came to the short par 3 ninth, playing about 120 yards that day. I hit a wedge and it was right on line with the flag off the club but I lost sight of it almost right away. I knew I hit a good shot, so I just reached down to pick up the tee and was reaching for my putter. All of a sudden everybody else in the group, including the caddies, were jumping up and down, screaming and slapping my back. I never saw it go in the hole.

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Here are a couple of stories.....


#1)  My friend Joe has been golfing over 40 years.  His wife, Marge, began playing with a group of ladies called "The Driving Divas."  Joe has never had a hole-in-one.  Marge got her first in her second year of playing golf.


#2) I was caddying for a golfer, Mr. Meyers, on Father's Day.  That day he was playing with his father, who was riding a cart, and his son, who carried his own bag. On the 16th hole, a 220 yard par 3, Mr. Meyers told me to give him his three wood.  Since the wind was in our face I said, "You can't get there with a three wood today, hit your driver."  He did - the ball went in the hole - on Father's Day - with his father and his son - PRICELESS.


#3) Finally, I have two holes-in-one.  The first on a par 3 course using a lob wedge. The best part of this hole-in-one is that I was golfing with my daughter.  The second was on a regulation course, 160 yards, uphill, with a five iron.  The irony of my second hole-in-one is that we did not see the ball go into the hole.  It looked like from the tee that it was headed for the bunker, but must of hit the lip and taken a fortunate bounce.  My tee shots on the other par threes that day were all better swings on the tee, but I only ended up with three pars.

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I had never had one in 40 years of playing, then I had two in consecutive months. My first one was on 12-1-12, and my second was on 1-12-13, both on the 11th hole.
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I've never had one myself, but I have witnessed one - and it was a TERRIBLE shot.

Hole #10 at Eastern Hills Country Club in Garland, Texas. It's a 173 yd par 3 that plays more like 153 yds because it is so downhill. Water guards the green right and bunkers guard on the left. One of my playing partners had a handicap somewhere in the mid-high teens. He hit a wood (I think it may have been a 7 wd) and totally thinned it. At its apex, I'd say the ball got up to 5 ft off the ground. Since the hole is so much downhill, it must've flown 100 yds. From there, it bounded down the hill and had perfect speed once it got to the green. It rolled 15 feet or so on the green and gently dropped in, like a well struck putt would.

There's something to be said about how it's not always how pretty the shot looks, just where the ball ends up...
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