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Originally Posted by boil3rmak3r View Post

There's something to be said about how it's not always how pretty the shot looks, just where the ball ends up...



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Originally Posted by caniac6 View Post

I had never had one in 40 years of playing, then I had two in consecutive months. My first one was on 12-1-12, and my second was on 1-12-13, both on the 11th hole.

Gotta love it!!



What a game!

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My story is a little surreal. Played golf since 2006.

Three holes-in-one in 3 months (actually 20 rounds).

All on the same 160 metre Par 3 at my club.

All with the same 4 iron.

All in competitions.

I am applying to the Guinness World Records.

All true.

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My first was on a well struck shot that was straight as an arrow. With perfect speed and distance it just missed the rotating windmill blade, bounced just right off the clown's foot, and went in dead center.

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I've had two- took me 25 years of golf to get the first one, and the second one was a year later. First one I was playing with my wife and an older gentleman, who was playing the up tees with her. 148 yards from the blues and you can't see the bottom of the flagstick from there but you can from the golds/reds. Hit a nice cut 8 iron and it disappeared over the ridge and they started going nuts, I knew it was good but I was like "don't f**k with me" and they said "it's in for sure!!!". I cried when I saw it in the hole. Ended up going par-birdie-birdie-birdie-par to finish the 9 to shoot 31 which is my career low 9 holes.


Second one I was a single playing through a group of 4 so I quickly teed it up and fired away, 5 iron from 187 and it landed 20 feet short and tracked dead into the hole. The group all died laughing was like "that was the fastest anybody has ever played through!"

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I came this close earlier this week from about 170-180 yards out. Closest I have ever been. It was too dark and far for me to track the ball the whole way (My depth perception is bad and it's darker than the camera made it appear). I had no idea where the ball was until I got to the green. My closest prior was several years ago with about 220 yards to the pin. Hit a draw 3-wood and the ball was tracking towards the hole on a downward right to left slope, and then somehow just stopped from like 6-8 feet out. All I had to do was barely tap it and it rolled in for birdie.

So I'm still waiting on that hole-in-one.
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 I've been in the group where 2 have been made but myself have only come within a foot 2-3 times.  I have made a double eagle where I cut a huge dogleg and hat 200 out and 1 hopped a 5 iron in the hole.  Can't wait to make one.  Dumbest 'tradition' of all time is buying others drinks when u accomplish the ultimate. IMO, the whole bar should have to buy you drinks

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I've had 3 holes in one in 10 months - something weird.


#1 December 4, 2012 - Hole #15, 167 yard, 6 iron, Hillcrest Golf Club, Durango


#2 March 12, 2013 - Hole #5, 152 yard, 9 iron, Dalton Ranch Golf Club, Durango (This one doesn't really count.  They aerated the greens the previous week and had the large cups, although this would have gone in with a regular cup, I believe).  Still the same thrill


#3 July 30, 2013 - Hole #2, 147 yard, 9 iron, Dalton Ranch, Durango.  This one cost me some money since it was during my regular Tuesday game with 19 other guys.  Fortunately, most of them drink iced tea!

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Originally Posted by skywaterbanjo View Post
#2 March 12, 2013 - Hole #5, 152 yard, 9 iron, Dalton Ranch Golf Club, Durango (This one doesn't really count.  They aerated the greens the previous week and had the large cups, although this would have gone in with a regular cup, I believe).  Still the same thrill


Congratulations  skywaterbanjo - It doesn't matter whether it was a big cup or a little cup - the ball still went in THE CUP!


One of my two holes-in-one was on a par 3 course, 70 yards with a lob wedge, and while I don't really mention it to my friends, the fact of the matter is... the ball went in THE CUP!

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I have had one so far in the 8 years I've been playing.  It happened on November 17th, 2012, and there were several awesome things about that hole in one besides the actual hole in one.  I was playing Heritage Hills Golf Course in York, PA with my dad.  It was the first time I have ever played that course (awesome thing #1), and I actually had a witness (#2) since I play alone more often than not.  It was on the 5th hole, which was severely downhill par 3 playing around 155.  The hole before that, I shot a 10.  10 on a  4.  I had my 6 iron in my had for my approach (terrible idea, since it is by far the worst club in my bag), duck hooked it into fescue, and it went completely downhill from there.  We waited for the guys on the next hole to clear out, and I pulled my 9 iron out since it was a steeply downhill shot.  I set up, did my thing, and took a swing.  As soon as I hit it, I knew that I couldn't have hit that ball any better if I had been given a million other shots in a million other lives (Tuning fork in the loins).  The pin was in between the two tiers, and the ball landed on the upslope of the green and spun back right into the hole.  All of which I saw perfectly, since we were uphill.  It was probably the most surreal moment in golf I've experienced to this point.  

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I have four hole in ones.

#1 - 1991 Playing with a buddy at Carmel Valley Ranch had my first with 8 iron on Hole #7. There was no one to buy drinks for in the lounge so the Pro bought us a round.

#2 - 1992 Playing in a hospital  golf event I had my second with a 6 iron on Hole #16 in Massachusetts. It was a heavy wind and the ball went in with back spin. (I usually don't have backspin on a ball). It was an open bar so I it wasn't expensive.

#3 - 2011 Was playing in a Member-Member and my third was on the same hole #16 with an 8 iron (no wind). They forgot to cut off the bar bill after $250 insurance so it was expensive.

#4 - 2012 This was the best of my stories though. Playing in a practice round at a Member-Guest two other players teed off first to #17 island green.The other member hit his shot to 6"'s. When it was my turn I asked if he'd have the caddy go up and mark his ball. (Jokingly of course) I then proceeded to hit a 7 iron to the green and it rolled up and hit his ball and it appeared from the tee that his ball was pushed in and mine land 6" away. We both thought we had birdie putts. When we arrived at the green I went to mark my ball (it was his) Mine was in the cup. That one was a pretty hefty bar bill.

The one common denominator was all four seemed to happen in slow motion when viewing them.

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Close but no cigar. My buddy Garry and I were playing the 10 hole course at Little Mountian GC. We caught up to another twosome at hole #5 (par 3, elevated tee box, green just beyond the creek). So the first guy lands a solid shot on the green within 15 feet of the pin and then his partner sticks one even closer. My friend Garry steps up and nails a sweet 8-iron 5 feet in front if the cup. As I step up to the tee box, I'm thinking, "Woah, no pressure here! Hah." So I hit my 7-iron nicely, stroke feels good and the ball is tracking straight at the pin and as it is descending, I'm thinking, "That has a chance, that has a real chance." Meanwhile, Garry's yelling, "You got it, you got it!" So the ball hits the flag, catches it and wraps the flag around the pin, drops straight down, hits the front lip of the cup and proceeds to skate 10 feet off the back if the green!" B-U-M-M-E-R!
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