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New from Philadelphia

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Got back into the game this past summer after being away from it for 15 years. So glad to be playing again and I find myself more addicted now then ever before. Its also nice to know after all that time off I can still hit the ball as badly as I did when I was playing more regularly...haha!!! Looking forward to getting better and being part of the forum.
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Welcome from the other end of PA. Welcome back to the game too. Enjoy
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Welcome from another new Philly-guy forum member. Love your avatar - one of my favorite pics. What I wouldn't give to have another B-Dawk on the team.
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Thanks Al B. I miss those B-Dawk days, he was such a class act and what a player. The team was never the same after he left and it still freaks me out to see pictures of him wearing a Broncos jersey. I'm just getting back into golf again so I'm interested in what courses folks in the area like to play. I live just outside of the city in Cheltenham and the most convenient course for me is Melrose CC (nice course, its short but very well maintained and never too crowded). The other one I'll play is Five Ponds over in Warminster. I little more challenging course compared to Melrose for me, but it usually gets a ton of play and last time I was there it wasn't in the greatest shape with all the rain we got earlier this summer. Any suggestions you'd have on places to play in the area would be much appreciated. Thanks,
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Welcome! Sounds like we're in the same boat. I'm just starting to get "serious". Looking to upgrade from "Weekend Warrior". ;)

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Yep, I used to play somewhat off-and-on years ago then it got tougher and tougher to find the time to get out when my kids were younger. Now that they're a little older, it's a little easier for me to find the time to play/practice. I even got my 8 and 10 year old their own set of clubs and they love to come out to the range with me (although the ice cream afterwards probably has something to do with that too...haha). Honestly, my second go-around at the game seems a lot more enjoyable. For whatever reason (maybe it comes with age) I feel like I understand my swing a little better and have a lot more patience working out the bugs.
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I'm not far from you, GG - live in Lafayette Hill (between Chestnut Hill and Plymouth Meeting). Similar situation with me - getting back into it after many years of one or two rounds a year. Of my three kids, my 9yr old son and 12yr old daughter have taken an interest which is awesome (my son for the sport and my daughter for the fashion and accessorizing LOL).

As for courses, I've played Melrose and Five Ponds before (not a lot) but remember liking them. I've played Skippack most in the past few years (what little I've actually played) and would recommend it. Not overly long but requires some real golf shots. Keeps you honest for sure and challenges various parts of your game. Not sure. Ow far you're willing to travel but there are some nice tracks out Rt. 422 towards Limerick (Turtle Creek is one that comes to mind). I grew up in Roxborough and always suggest looking at Walnut Lane with the disclosure that it goes up and down there - have seen it be decent and have seen it be absolutely be horrible. I've not been there in a few years but heard that the $$ had risen beyond the caliber or quality of the course. Just a warning.
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Great, thanks. Look forward to trying some of those courses out!
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You bet. Hit 'em well out there.
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