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Clubs are due to arrive today. Hopefully they'll be waiting for me after work.
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Still waiting for your irons dude??? Dang Giga takes forever to ship I guess.
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Na, My fault for ordering on a Friday. Shipped on Monday night... so only a couple days wait...
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I have always hated the waiting game.

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Getting some balls today too. Zombiegolf on EBay sells 48 count "found" balls... bids start at .99 with 5 bucks shipping.. I winning bid was 5.25... and that was higher than most of their others... not sure how the quality will be, but worth a shot for 11 bucks and change... yep, the waiting game.
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The balls were well worth the purchase... some were scuffed, but overall, 4 dozen for 12 bucks... hard to beat that.

The irons are very nice... as soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will do so.
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have you got a chance to hit the clubs? how was the feel?

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I haven't, I'll be at the range tomorrow morning...
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lucky you I have been on the IR the last week or so. I strained my back moving a friend. I am hoping to be able to play next week but will probably have to leave the driver in the bag lmao

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I'm flirting with the idea of just jumping on the local 9 hole course and seeing how it goes... but I will convince myself that I should hit the range exclusively for the first few weeks to get my swing grooved back in with these adjusted clubs.

Sorry to hear about your back... golfers worst enemy.
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yea but its all good. i will be playing a 2 day tourney in a couple weeks so i will be getting lots of massages between now and then. whats wrong with hitting a small bucket and playing the 9. i don't spend alot of time at the range. you will get better knowledge on the course were there is pressure to make the shot and your lie will never be perfect like on the range. i would suggest hit a bucket then step out on the course and play what ya got. work on a couple things and then move it to the course. yes i said the same thing twice in two different ways lol. when you sit and hit you learn what you can do in a perfect situation when your on the course the ball is above your feet below your feet in a divot etc etc. don't fear the course its the best tool around. driving range is to warm up and work on a few things but grip it and rip it on the course. you will definitely learn more about your swing there 

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I'll try and take some more decent photos with my dslr when I get some free time. Looking forward to hitting the range tomorrow.
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the top line looks good. not a whole lot of offset should be fun. 

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They aren't much bigger than my original Tight Lies irons... they feel very comfortable... very stoked... if I can get my wood play consistent then I'll make a round next week sometime.
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Did a solid 2.5 hrs of range time today. Clubs are very nice. It was weird getting into a stance with these adjusted clubs. I have been playing standard irons since I first picked up a club, while being too tall for them. Im sure a few more trips to the range will cure that. Overall a very solid day. Most of my bad shots were in the first 10-15 balls, then started to get in a groove... irons were great. I need better alignment, but the shots themselves felt really good. Distances were for the most part consistent.

I seem to need better discipline when it comes to grip. I have a tendency to let my left hand drift to the left of the shaft... I ended up hitting 4 large buckets, and one small was given to me by a couple guys warming up... probably a bit much, as I think I have heat exhaustion, about 100 degrees today, and the range has no covering, lol.

Hit driver and my 3h very nicely today. Need to re-grip them before my next practice. The proper grip techniques, along with making sure my hips move before the downswing starts seems to have really straightened out my ball flight, now it's a slight left to right motion... irons too.

Wrote down yardages also..

D - 220 carry
3H - 200 carry
7i - 150 - 155
9i - 135 -145
pw - 115 ish

The lower irons gave me fits today as I tried to figure out these longer shafts...
8i - 140-145
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Not to mention I'm now pretty sore... managed to sweat out about a half gallon of water, lol.
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