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hit cleveland 588 irons short

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I was recently hitting the cleveland 588 irons (because they look so great) to see how I would fair. I had a 6 iron with s300 shaft. I noticed that even on shots where I felt I struck the ball pretty pure, they went 15-20 yards shorter than my current irons. I normally hit a 6 iron 175 yards, but on well struck shots it was only going 155 yards.  160 yards at most.


I know these are more of a player's cavity, but they are still relatively forgiving. I can't imagine I was totally missing the sweet spot on the shots that felt pure and solid to me. I currently play ping i20s with the stock CFS shaft.

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The nominal loft for the i20 is 30* vs 31* for the 588 forged CB-that is only about a 2-4 yd difference, but the shaft length may be different also depending on which dot color you have or shaft length ordered on the PINGs. That doesn't really explain the total difference, but it is a start.
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How were you comparing distances.. were both hit side by side?  Did you hit both on a launch monitor, or just a simulator in a golf shop?


I recently hit the 588CB and really liked them.  Distance was on par with my current irons, and within 5-7 yards or everything else I was hitting.  For me, trying different shafts had a big impact on launch angle and spin, which effects distance, so be sure to look at those numbers carefully.

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I was hitting the clubs on both a grass range and on an actual golf course. I took the 6 iron out and hit it side by side with my current 6 iron, both from the range and on dropping balls from the fairway on the course.


Oddly, when I demo'd the 4 iron I hit that the same length as my current 4 iron. 


I hit at least 100 shots in total side by side (50 of each) and it was certainly consistently way shorter.

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Really interesting cos I was advised to get the i20s over the Cleveland 588CBs as the Pro in a local fitting centre said the soft reg Ping shaft and i20 head would help with my slow swing and slightly low loft.  I couldn't be put off the 588s and bought them in R300 then went to my club pro for a lesson.  He fixed my swing issue and now I can launch the 5 iron at the sun and they are as long and soft as any forged iron I have hit. It's always the indian not the arrows :-) Cleveland 588, simply fantastic irons.

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I was in the market for the 588 CB's or MB's until i checked with the below link




it seem the 588 MB's are more forgiving than the 588 CB's, but that doesn't explain your situation.


with the MB's I shot 5-10 yds farther on a good hit than my regular irons


and there were no CB's to demo.


I'd say if it was a (single, one piece) demo club you were hitting, it could be suffering from shaft fatigue from hitting so many shots in a short period of time, by yourself and others....


the mystery continues

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^^That is nuts. All I can say is "if he says so". The 588 MB is a tiny retro style head. I demoed both and found them extremely hard to hit consistently compared to almost anything else I tried. I went as far as buying a single 588 CB 7i to try and work into them. Like any blade or better player CB I attribute the lack of distance to not hitting the sweet spot. Even on swings that feel "good". That's why I stayed away. Anything but a perfect shot was noticeably short. Forget it if you make bad contact. Not just short but half way there short. No left to right issues but I was hitting the 588 7i single I bought anywhere from 180 to 130 with what felt like decent contact. I bought the 588 TT and shaved almost 3 points off my index since July.

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I think Irons give you what you believe they do, in other words you can get what you put in but certain irons feel right.  I am off 18 and in theory should not touch forged players irons. But when I was offered Mizuno MP 62s I was so taken with them I shot my current best 81.  half my handicap. When the swing went bad I blamed the irons and bought some big SGIs.  They worked for a few weeks cos I believed they would.  As soon as I struggled I found them big and ugly and yes you guessed it, switched back to MP62s, the clubs I had shot my best round with.  So actually the SGIs didnt do anything for me,


With the MP62s gettin old I started lookin at alternatives and fell in love with the Cleveland 588 CB, bought a demo 7 and loved it.  Got the set and played okay but striking low, so took a lesson and started hitting them so well.  It doesnt matter what iron you choose they all work and you should choose what you like holding and work on your swing. 588CBs dont lose distance when you swing well.


Take it to extremes and you can argue that pure blades will hurt poor swingers and I agree with that.  But most clubs work, and if they dont, improve your swing and enjoy a quality club.  Something that is sold to get you launching super high or always hitting the middle blah blah may seem great for a couple of weeks but ultimately swing faults will creep in and your back to square one.


I bought Cleveland 588CBs and took a lesson to work on my faults, as there are none with the clubs.  When I get it right the shot proves what I can do and its a joy to behold. When it goes wrong, I need to sort me out ! Dont try to buy something that allows you to play bad, it doesnt exist. Buy good clubs, invest in your swing, enjoy the results.

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Well... ditto... guys.. It is funny how life comes around. I started with blade type irons in the 80's and was awful, Next time I golfed was the early 90's and had some Cavity backs...still awful. So when I re started to golf in the 2000's I started with the UGI's, SGI's and GI clubs and believed they would fix my high scores. I was wrong. there is that certain feedback we all get from our clubs, when I switched to a player type iron my score started to drop, because I could feel some feedback... Ironically Mizuno's & Clevelands , I have new clevelands and plan on some Mizunos for 2014. I'll go with Dave on this one, every club does have a sweet spot..so don't make bad contact. I have found mine on my clubs..the rest is on the scorecard...mystery solved..thanks

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