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Pre-Play Stretches

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OK, so I've been laid up with a bad rib muscle for 2 weeks and it is finally getting better but I still feel like I'm a week or two from being able to swing again.  This all came about because of my newfound infatuation with this game and a new set of clubs which I love to swing.  Was hitting about 100 balls/day on the range when it started.


My question is, what sort of stretching exercise can I do pre-round to keep from pullling this muscle in the future?  What other muscles should I worry about warming up?  I've been fortunate not to ever have back problems and would like to keep it that way.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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only way i know to stretch the ribs is to lean to one side at like a 45* angle and reach for the sky.  if that makes sense.

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Thank you.  Hey, that makes perfect sense.  That's the same position I assume every April 15th

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How about trying this:


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This link shows golf warm-up - and cool-down - routines for golfers. This comes from Kevin Hensel's personal training site:



I trimmed out some of the motivational paragraphs, and have the step-by-step portion inside a protective sleeve in my golf bag. The four activities involve dynamic stretches which warm up the muscles, and make purposeful motions related to the golf swing. These are not harsh static stretches, like hurdler's stretches.

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