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Driver Inconsistency

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For the past month or so, I've been playing almost solely with my 3-wood as my tee shot of choice due to inconsistency with my driver. This hasn't been much of a problem yet but with the high school season in full swing and the longer courses for regionals and state looming, I feel that I need to do something about this.

The problem with my driver is that it seems I will rarely hit what I consider my "stock" shot, a push-draw or draw, and will either block it to the right or overdraw it too far left. The worst part about this is that I was previously able to hit it with seemingly no problems, but this past month has been horrific. In tryouts I shot 79-78 while hitting 2 fairways the first day and 5 the next. That's the entire reason I started using my 3-wood much more off of the tee.

My 3-wood goes fine off the tee and I can usually hit at least 8 fairways or so with it. It flies far enough that I'll have a mid/short iron into most holes on the local courses, but only one course around me that's public plays very long at all so it's not a fair comparison to tournaments.


Anyways, I am just wondering if anyone has any tips for improving driver consistency beyond swinging easy (that only makes me hook it more frequently, which is at least a one-way miss I guess). My driver swing can be found in my swing thread or here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-0XNWJOB3U) and here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbnmSc9g7UE) or on my swing thread.

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Looking at your vids you have a tendency to bow your wrist and start the downswing with a closed clubface. This habit, plus a inside out path is a recipe for major consistency problems.
How in the world can you square the face with the driver if you are fighting off the snap hook.
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Originally Posted by theworldengine View Post

start the downswing with a closed clubface.


Originally Posted by theworldengine View Post

Club face too open up top...

Sorry, but I've heard both ways from you (too open comment was from my swing thread). Which is it? The clubface points almost to the sky up top, so can anyone help clarify if that is open or closed for me here? 

Also, correct me if I'm mistaken, but I didn't think there was much inherently wrong with an in-to-out swingpath. Could you help clarify why this is for me with an explanation of sorts?

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sorry for the confusion.  I see the clubface pointed skyward at the top and at first called that open, just got confused.  Anyway, the clubface is pointed skyward, which will result in the face being too shut relative to the target line, and when combined with the in to out path can cause the snap hookz.  in to out is not bad, if your clubface is square or open relative to the path.  IMHO the in to out path is a worthwhile pursuit, but not if you are coming down super shut on the ball. 

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