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The Perfect Day

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The perfect day, early in the morning, the fog begins to lift and the golf course shows its beauty. I find myself standing on the first tee, taking in the perfect temperature, staring down the gentle rolling hills on the fairway to a perfectly placed green down below. I look over at Alexis, she is my favorite person to play with in the world, and today the course is all ours.

The sound of Titaniam meeting resin echoes and I watch my ball carry straight through the air landing about 30 yards past it's usual resting place. My second shot is my first wedge of the day, I mimic my practice swing perfectly and the ball comes off pure landing center of the green and stopping quickly. A moment later I hear the drop of Alexis's ball landing on the green as well.

We approach our shots, focus for a moment on the line and make our putts... Birdie, birdie.

On the 2nd, we give some shots back, it is what makes the game so rewarding in that it can also be so challenging. 3rd & 4th go smoothly and we now find ourselves on the 170 yard par 3 5th.

A well balanced swing leaves me just on the edge of the green and I watch as my partner tees off. Her swing often receives complements from random players on the course and her shot shape is a perfect slight draw which lands her just past the green.

The sky is cloud covered now and a light rain begins to fall on us. We drive down a hill and park under a tree next to the green, it is raining much harder now. We listen to the downpour hit the leaves and watch the raindrops land in the water. It is funny, but sometimes these are the moments I enjoy the most, treat everyday as an adventure, life is too short to waste.

The rain stops, the sun creeps out from behind the clouds, and we walk up to the green. I put a good stroke on my putt and the ball almost completely circles the hole below dropping in for another birdie.

The day ends with a 20ft put dropping after a suspended period silence. Golf is something on my mind everyday and something I truly enjoy, moments like this only add to this bliss.
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Wait a minute. It's the perfect day. SOMETHING else happened during the rain delay......

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Haha, no comment.

Golf is a game that I love, but it somehow seems to keep finding ways to make me fall more in love with it. I would say the same thing about my playing partner that day and when you find something like that, you keep it.
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I was expecting clothes to drop towards the end of that story. :D

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Rats... All I got was a "Thank you Dear" for mowing the lawn for the first time in 4 weeks. But we have a 10:42 Tee on Tuesday!

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Originally Posted by Zeph View Post

I was expecting clothes to drop towards the end of that story. :D

Sorry Zeph, trying to keep this one PG, hope you enjoyed anyways.
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