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Forum noob from Northern California

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I first played golf as a teen and then through college (not competitively).  I gave it up after college because I couldn't afford it once I had to pay for it for a bit while I established myself in my career.  Started playing again 17 months ago and have completely fallen in love with the sport but found it completely different picking it up at 34 years old after a 12 year hiatus (and 55 pounds lighter than in college).  I've worked my way from 28 handicap on January 1 this year to as low as a 19.2 though it's currently at 22.  I struggled for a bit when I got new irons to replace the used set gifted to me by a friend. 


Here's my gear if you're interested:

DR:  Nike VRS

3 Wood:  Nike SQ Dyno

3H: Taylormade  Burner Rescue

5H: Taylormade Burner Rescue

Irons 4-PW:  Mizuno HP-M4

SW:  An old Calloway X

GW:  No brand, just a crappy 52 degree that I bought for 20 bucks

PT:  Odyssey dual force 2


The main thing I'm working on right now is a Steady Head.  It's the key to me hitting what is decent for me.  When it's steady, solid contact with a 7 iron going 155-160.  When I don't it's chunk city.  I'm making progress, played 18 this morning without a single chunk and shot 88.

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San Rafael isn't that far from Sac.  You and I have similar experiences with golf.  I golfed a bit when I was young, then didn't golf or even swing a club for like 15 years.  However, I gave it up even before college (right around high school), and picked it up about 5-6 years ago.  When I started again, I couldn't hit a driver or 3w to save my life.  I played shorter, easier courses and hit 3i off almost every tee.


Anyway, where do you usually play?  And welcome to the board!

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I play most often at Peacock Gap here in San Rafael, mostly out of convenience since it's about 2 miles away.  It's not a memorable 18, but it's decent enough.  I play a lot on Ocean at Olympic since I have a friend who is a member (it kills me) and I play Presidio often with friends who live in the city. 


I'd really like to find more people to play with in all though.

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Welcome. Great to see another Northern Californian. I am in the South Bay.
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