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Dg spinner

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Are these worth it? I'm thinking about putting one on my 56 vokey. Do they really spin alot? If anyone has them I would love to hear how they preform on chips and pitches. If they check up really fast or not
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The original DG Spinners were pegged as offering help for golfers who hit primarily partial shots with their wedges. The shafts had a medium tip for more spin on partial shots, and a higher flexpoint for a lower launch.


The second generation (has 3" flex section a few inches past the grip) has similar features. Both original and flex-section Spinners have one version shaft for PW and GW, and another for SW and LW. Uncut shafts weigh 124-130 grams. I have test-hit some wedges with the Spinner shafts, and they had an interesting feel. You'll need actual usage info from another poster.


Cleveland CG-series wedges offered the TRAction Wedgeflex as its stock shaft for many years. It has similar dynamics to the Spinners, with a softer tip and a stiffer butt section to promote lower launch. I really like the TRAction shafts in my CG14s, which work well for both partial and full shots.


The new 588 Forged wedges have a 118-gram Tour Concept Wedge shaft made by True Temper. For details, see: http://www.clevelandgolf.com/US_588-forged-satin-wedge__588_forged_satin_wed__viewProd_wedges.html

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Ok thanks
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Crazy spin from it. Usually hit and stick with a sw but I sucked it back about 10 feet today
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Ive owned a few Mizuno wedges with that shaft.  I didnt feel like it put any more spin on the ball than a, "wedge" shaft did.

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