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I don't pay any attention to it. In fact, I never know what type of clubs the other player even has... If you are a serious golfer though, I definitely recommend having a professional do a club fitting and give you a list of recommendations when looking for a new set of irons. I bought a set of Titleist irons about six years ago after an extensive club fitting with a local pro. He took videos and measured angles and really went above and beyond for me, and the result was a solid set of irons ordered just for me with proper offsets and everything. Best money I've spent on my golf game. Another year or so and I will likely be in the market for a new set of irons again, and I will do the same process over again.

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This is another one of those topics where I post my standard reply:  How do people have fun playing golf if they continuously are bothered/worried by such trivial things?


How does a player using a Pro-V1 and brand new clubs bother you?


Half the time I don't even pay attention to what other people are using.

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Originally Posted by Slice of Life View Post

Here's the way I see it...

If the guy is truly interested in golf, he may have spent a ton of money on equipment, but now he's set for years instead of starting out with cheap crap and buying new clubs in a year or 2.

This was my wife's mentality when she bought me a set of clubs for my birthday in 2004. The set included Callaway X 14 irons, Cobra woods and driver and an Oddyssey putter. I had only play once before that and told her she could have bought a cheap set from Big 5 or Wallmart.

She knew that my habits from Bowling where the new hot ball came out every year or 6 months I would probably end up doing the same with golf. I did up trading the irons 2 years later for big berthas because I hit them much better and I still use them to this day. I still have the putter, 3 wood and 5 wood.

It doesn't matter what people play with just worry about yourself. You'll be happier in the long run. Whether someone can afford them or not is irrelevant. Like other posters have said you can find some good balls on the course.
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I don't understand why it should be an issue what clubs others have to the OP. And in reality, most of the expensive clubs out there are designed to help improve your game anyway.. I say, go for it if you can afford it.


Then spend more money with your local PGA Pro to learn how to use the clubs and improve even further.a1_smile.gif

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Welcome to modern day marketing.
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I'd rather enjoy beating a guy who sports top end gear with my "cheap clones".
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To answer the OP's question: No it doesn't annoy me. There are folks who can and can't afford it, who start out any hobby gung ho and all in. That is just the way they do things. There are those who think they can buy a golf game. There are those who do this to impress others or give themselves more stroking or feed their self esteem or whatever. There are folks who really can afford to drop $1,500 or $2,000 on a golf setup and not think about it--these are probably people who have owned boats or planes and golf seems cheap to them, LOL. To each his own, so no it doesn't annoy me; some people just like nice stuff. Personally, I have joined the ranks of a few others in this thread who like to wait a bit and buy stuff for a few cents on the dollar. For several years, my stuff has come mostly from used racks, Ebay, pawnshops, garage sales, and Craigslist, etc. I buy new balls, mostly from WalMart, but will occasionally buy a sleeve at the course if I am in a pinch or just want to try a sleeve of something new. I am not above using "OP" balls (other peoples') found in the woods, but usually use those for practice or shag balls.
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Admittedly I'm not the most social golf partner, especially with strangers. If you play with me I won't notice what you have in your bag. I'll ask what ball you're playing not because I care but so there is no confusion. I play Titleist so chances are there are others in the group doing the same. But honestly I don't care what people do as long as the keep the pace. This includes what you wear. I'm there to golf and do my best to play well. As costly and time consuming as it is there isn't time to sit around passing meaningless judgment.

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My wife gave me a Titleist 913D2 driver as a gift for Father's day. I would never have bought it for myself, and since I can only hit it 200 to 210 yard carry, I am sure that it looks like more equipment than I should be allowed to have or deserve, based on my skills, I only took up golf this spring in my late 50s, but it hits 10 yards longer easily, than my previous Top Flite driver, it is much lighter, and I have been practicing with it, which has upped my distance and accuracy, as well.  I really don't miss the $400 dollars or so that it cost, and I certainly don't scrounge for balls or tees because of it, but if I see a perfectly good tee on the ground, I will use it. When I played with my brother, who has been playing for 20 years, or so, he really liked hitting it and is buying one for himself, so the opportunity to share it was nice too.  I guess my point is, why do you care? My reasons for having it are good, I think. 


I haven't had it fitted yet, on the theory that once I can hit 95% of my balls consistently accurately with distance, it might be worth the effort. My brother hit every drive where he needed a driver on 18 holes straight and long, but I don't expect to acheive that in my lifetime, since he started in his late thirties. Still don't see the reason why I should be using a heavier driver head, slowing my already not overpowering swing speed even more, because I certainly don't get all of the driver's potential.

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I saw a similar thread to this one where someone went on a rant about golfers that use staff bags and how that upset the thread starter because he/she thought that they were not good enough to use them.  I really don't understand why the OP cares?  It does not have an impact on your golf game so who cares?  Since there are no rules that say you have to have a certain handicap to purchase pro v1's or anything like that, this is purely subjective and judgemental.  I don't care about anyone else or what they play.  I want to get as good as I can so I focus on me and me only.  I cannot see where judging other people's equipment will improve your golf game?

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First, the OP: People using gear not suited to their skill level doesn't bother me a bit.  More ProV1's laying around the course, the better.  As a matter of fact I once played behind a twosome that was duffing left and right, and not even looking for their balls.  Young guys.  I went to where one of the balls was visibly sitting in the rough and picked it up after they had completed the hole and stopped any search for errant shots.  They zoomed to the next hole, and I went over and found a custom imprinted Titleist ProV1 with the guy's nickname.  It would be the first of FIVE that day.  Playing behind him was a joy.  I went by his nickname ("Ol Dawg"or "Big Dawg" or something) all day long and we had a hoot tracking his shots.


Now a little OT regarding skill level/equipment: A lot of the better amateurs I play with have outdated irons and lightweight carry bags.  They aren't buying a new game by buying irons, they buy new alignment sticks.  This doesn't go for some aspiring tour players who are sponsored with staff bags etc. But for the most part the majority of <6 handicappers I've met and played with use older irons, older bags, shoes, etc.  All they want is a fresh ball!  Now don't get me wrong, if you like your staff bag then more power to you.  I have a Titleist cart bag and I am by no means an excellent golfer.

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I consider myself a newbie and bought my set of i20s this spring, which I suppose are on the pricier end.  There are a few reasons I did it.  1.)  I don't expect to buy anymore clubs for the rest of my life, 2.)  I wanted equipment that wouldn't make my already poor play even worse, 3.)  it made for a convenient reason to give my brother my old clubs to get him playing.  I have never tried to rub my gear in anyone's face nor do I care what anyone else uses and I'd actually be a bit surprised if this sort of thing mattered to anyone.  I definitely don't use expensive balls either.  I started really low with Wilson Ultra balls and recently started experimenting with slightly more expensive ones.  I got a box of Top Flite D2 distance and feel balls, and the feel ones I really like.  Both of them seem to fly further than the Wilson balls, which in hindsight I think were actually pretty crappy balls.  Anyway, I'll probably try a box of Bridgestone e6s next and if I like those I'll make the switch.  I really don't see myself going beyond e6s since I'm not nearly good enough.

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Originally Posted by Moppy View Post

My wife gave me a Titleist 913D2 driver as a gift for Father's day.


Your wife is your daughter?
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Your wife is your daughter?!
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No, but I am the father of her children, I am pretty sure, anyway...

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As for the original question, it doesn't affect me at all what the person I'm playing with has in his bag (expensive or cheap). As long as their game doesn't interfere with mine they could pull out a gold plated putter if that's their thing. As an aside, I am probably one of those players whose equipment is way better then their game. My reason is simple, I'm picking up the game again after not playing for a very long time and needed new clubs so why not treat myself to a set I really like and ones that may actually help me hit the ball a little better (not that price/brand equates to a better swing necessarily, but I certainly feel that the clubs I purchased are far far more forgiving and have indeed helped my game tremendously compared to the set I could afford many moons ago when I first started). Really, though, at the end of the day, the only person who should care about how much I spend on my clubs (besides me) is my wife and believe me...SHE DOES...hahaha!!! Oh, I did, however, make the switch away from the ProV's after my first round back...the golf gods will just have to make due with my 2 or 3 DT So/Lo sacrices per round until I get better.
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Originally Posted by barbm12thtee View Post

Nope doesn't bother me at all. Where do you think all those expensive clubs end up after a year? EBay...and that's where I buy my expensive clubs for about 1/4 of regular price.


+1!! I'm with you 100% there.

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All i really meant was it would be better for some people to start off with cheaper equipment and golf balls that are right for their game.  I think people think i am taking it way more seriously than i am haha. 

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