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Gross food on the course

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I went to play at Dear Creek monday night and I noticed they got rid of the old sandwich place in the clubhouse and replaced it with a restaurant called "Fish Dungeon".  It looked dark and weird inside, and it was really humid.  I hate eating in restaurants with carpet because they always stink like a dank basement, and the Fish Dungeon had the longest shag carpet we ever seen.  But we were starving and we had to eat something.  My cousin ordered the tadpole panini.  It sounded grody, but she loved it.  He said it had the texture of a good souse, and the aftertaste was really great.  I ordered the grande bowl of tarter sauce with a side of fish loops.  I never had them before, they are the fried fish intestines.  They tasted great with the jalapeno tarter sauce.


Anyway, we had a fantastic meal and I'll probably take her back again if I get a second date.  Anyone else had any really great surprise meals at a golf course?

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Is this an actual cousin, or your cousin who's not really a cousin but a really close friend?
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Something is off here. He's either off or on his meds because this one is a miss.

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Definitely a poor effort on his part this time.
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Any place that serves tadpoles and fish intestines can't be all bad......I'd say your cousin's a keeper.  Don't let him/her get away.

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Gilberg is starting to really reach now. I think the well may be running dry. Sad really, I always enjoyed Gilberg posts but he should consider quitting at the top of his game, go out on a high note. This is starting to feel like "After Mash".
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