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Generic New Member Thread

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Hello to the members of the Sand Trap forum! I have read a few threads and articles on the website and (like most of you) are addicted to the game of golf, so I figured that I would join! I guess I have been playing golf for a while, but still feel like a novice. I "played" college golf at a Division III school back in 2009 ... but never tried to play in the tournaments, it was mostly just so I could play the home course for free and go to the driving range whenever time permitted. Then I just recently got the bug again and have been to the driving range at least 2-3 times a week and have played about 8 rounds in the last 4 months. I'm always looking for tips and tricks and think its time to take a few lessons with a golf pro. My current goal is to eliminate mishits from my game ... it kills me when I hit a straight drive on a par 4 and then top the ball on the approach shot only to have the ball roll forward 30 yards ... Anyways, hope to talk to you all soon, learn a lot, and hit 'em straight!



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