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high school golf?

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i am currently a freshmen and i love golf. i am going to play on ym freshmen team and know i have a spot on it but i dont know if i would be in the top 6? i know the captain of the team because he is my friends boyfriend and he and 3 others shoot around 36 on 9 holes. as for me i am shloting anywhere from 43 to 46 on 9 holes?. my coach said there are 3 good people (the seniors hovering around par) a few average ones and 5 bad ones (60 + on 9). where do you think i would be?

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Obviously you know the team a lot better than any of us.. But, I am a freshman, and I'm number 3 on the Varsity team.. That is mostly due to the fact that we lost 6 seniors last year.. I shoot like you, about 85 on 18, so 42-44 on 9.  You're probably one of the average ones... But, keep improving your game.. Listen to your coach.. If there are 3 good people and a couple of average ones, who cares if you're 4th or 6th.. You're still playing..... And your score still counts. Keep working... I've been very lucky to be in the position on the team that I am, because even though we're not that great, we're 4-3.  Just keep improving and you'll easily start.

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It depends on how his definition of average. I am my school's worst varsity play having shot 78-77 in tryouts, but it varies from school to school. I'm open enrolled, but if I went to the school that I'm in the attendance area for I would be miles ahead of the rest of the team shooting my current scores. However, playing with people better than you and attempting to make the team gives you a huge incentive to improve and helped me get to where I'm at.

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