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Thought it would never happen

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Like a lot of people on this forum, I have to work hard to find time to play given work, family, etc.  I can usually play at least one full round a week and often 1.5 to 2.  I ALWAYS get to # 18 bummed that the round is over and with the desire to play more.  Yesterday I walked 36 back to back on separate courses.  Hot and sunny the entire time.  For the first time, I got to #18 of the second round and had NO desire to play more golf. Absolutely cooked.   What are your limits?  

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I rarely will test my limits any more. And the past week, I would not even think about playing, what with triple digit heat and the insufferable, muggy, tropical shit we are enduring right now. I cant even go in the back yard and swing for more than five minutes without becoming water logged.  If I do walk, I use a push/pull cart. Unlike before, I might do as you and walk 36. At 71 years, I think I am doing pretty damned good and can keep up with guys half my age with no problem. Hell, I outdrive a great number of them. ('course, they aren't all that good to begin with).

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The weather doesn't bother me per se, hitting sloppy shots at the end of a round due to fatigue is what is truly annoying.  Eventhough I would like to play every day I force myself to take a 1 day break between rounds and driving range trips so I can be rested.

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I used to walk 45holes a couple times per year with my dad when he was in his mid-late 50's!!  that is amazing...I think!


I only ride now....since 2006. 

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my back allows 18 holes. I try not to hit many balls before the round to make sure its not hurting when im done.,

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I did 2.5 hours of range hitting the other day. 100 degree Texas heat, no cover... by the end of my 5th bucket I was really feeling the heat. Not as bad as walking the course, but the motion of hitting really drained me. I couldn't imagine walking more than 18 in our current heat.
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I walked 27 holes once and that was my limit.  I get too tired to play a good, focused round the next day.


Playing 18 hole round 3 straight days is my limit. But this is b/c I feel a need to put in a good practice in between rounds.  I had an all you can play green fee membership one year and noticed playing everyday without practice got me into bad swing habits.

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