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It is about commitment. Unlearning old ways is hard for us guys over 40.


I gave myself over completely to changing my game over ten years ago. So, I was 41 instead of 54. At first it was awful. I stayed committed even though I knew I would play worse before I played better (and that is saying a lot because I was very bad). I knew things would feel "alien" and results would be bad for at least 60 days. I still recall playing in a charity event that was scheduled right after amy return from golf school and having my playing partners beg me to go back to my old swing for the sack of the team. But, I'd played for almost 30 years and was not getting any better. I could shoot 89 one morning and then 109 that afternoon. I had days when I wasn't sure I'd get the ball in the air and I had no idea what was happening. I actually pared a 380 yard hole once and my ball never got more than 10 inches off the ground. Change was going to be hard but it was either change or quit.


When I changed, I did not bounce around from one swing concept to another. I found I one I could believe in and stuck with it. After about one season, I found instructors who taught the pure form of the swing I wanted and have stuck with them. And sure, I got a lot better. From a 18.0 index to a low of 6.1 last year. More importantly for my enjoyment, my worst rounds are few and far between and near 90 -- not 110.


I believe that consistent commitment to my swing is the key. More than the type of swing is the ten years of trying to do the same thing. I suggest you find an instructor and/or method that you are excited to stick with for a long time -- all in. And then go for it. Get worse for a while. What is the worst thing that will happen? You may lose a lot of golf balls.


Find someone as good as my guys or Eric. And then become 100% committed. 

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Skinny, I am in your boat, playing pars and birdies and then the sh** hits the fan. Blow out holes left and right, balls are going all over the place. My son calls me a two baller, blow a tee shot grab a ball hit it on on the green or in the middle of the fairway. My consistency sucks, I was getting in the mid to low 80's today I am lucky to have any balls left in my bad after a round,  I dont get it but i can tell you grind it out. 

Last Sat I was ready to toss the towel in, but today looking forward to playing Sun.

Just keep at it!

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Put up a video in the "My Swing" section. It's free advice and it's helped me out a lot already. 

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Thanks for all the advice and encouragement. I will never think I've got this game figured out, but I have been gaining on it. Still need more consistency, but have improved to the point where good shots now outnumber the bad, which was not the case one month ago.


I'm working toward building a repeatable swing, one that just happens without thinking too much, because that's usually where the bad shots come from. One of my best "swing thoughts" is "just hit the damn ball", which really means just bringing the club face back to the ball. Simple, right?


I have to work to maintain a relaxed grip, turn through the ball, and not over-swing/arm swing. Tendency is to tense up, stiffen up, arm swing, especially after hitting a poor shot.


It sure feels good when one goes long and straight. Thanks again to all the supporters. When I'm a little more brave, I'll put up the swing video, if only for entertainment's sake.

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If you enjoy the game then don't quit. I realized at the range today after 7 years of not hitting a bucket that I MUST change my swing to continue on.

I used the help from the great people on this forum and am enjoying the results that I never believed I would get if I changed anything.

Thanks to everyone here I cant wait to hit another bucket tomorrow. These folks will give the help and motivation you need.
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