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Shaft Length

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Advice: There have been lots of posts on this subject, but it's still confusing.  I play a Ping Eye 2 iron, blue dot.  The clubs are great but I've got to re-shaft and re-grip due to their age.  I've been having some back problems lately and I was thinking of adding 3/4" to the shaft lengths just so I could stand a bit more upright at address and swing.  Will this small adjustment change the lie angle significantly or am I over-thinking this small modification.  Yes, I am aware that the swing weight will increase maybe 2 points or so but that's OK because Ping Eye 2's are a C9, so maybe I'll end up with a D1 (correct ?).




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Adding half an inch makes the club effectively one degree more upright.  I also think lengthening it 1/2" increase the swing weight by two points, so 3/4" will get the irons to about D2.  It's also going to make the overall weight of the club heavier, adding 3/4" will feel very different.  I would call PING and consult them.


Before you go changing the length, check out this thread, might help with the back problems.



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^ absolutely spot on!
It's funny, I know everything about golf clubs and i talk a perfect swing...yet I still often play like total goon!
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