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$0, don't play for money, I don't find that it adds anything to the game for me.  I find chasing Old Man Par and his 8 brothers is all I need, I'm just trying to break 80 regularly and beat my personal best.

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Regular Saturday game is a two-point per hole game -- cart against cart, low ball and low total with strokes of low handicap. Fifty cents per point. Points double on 18th hole. No presses. End of round, points round up to nearest dollar. Everyone's handicap is legit so often matches result in a one point victory.


Often, $1-$2 changes hands. A real beating can result in as much as $7. It is about winning some money and not about the amount of money.

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I have played a little of everything, but no big money. At a club where I once belonged, the standard game was meet by the tree at 1:00 pm where 2 or 3 of the "A" players would choose up teams. $5 per man, "two-low"(the two lowest scores on each hole per team counted)winning team takes all.

In one on one, I liked a $1 or $2 nassau. With one group of buddies, our standard game was .25/hole bogey, .50 par, $1 birdie, $2 eagle. Automatic $1 greenies, and $1 front, back, and total on gross score-all level-no handicapping. With 3 or 4 guys in the group all roughly 15 hcp, it was seldom that more than $5 net changed hands.

Oh, my personal best was a one on one game against the local basketball coach one afternoon. Nine holes for a dollar a hole. I won $1, and we both shot 38.

I don't play much for money anymore though.
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I enjoy having a game....even if it's a 10 cents a hole.  It's fun to have something riding on the outcome.  With that said, I don't like playing for money with people I don't know well.  I especially don't like losing, but I also don't like whipping a new golf acquaintances azz and taking their money either.  It's best when among close friends..IMO


Case in point....the first time I played a game called RABBIT was with relatively new golf friends.  It's a scratch game where whoever has the lowest score on a hole wins a rabbit leg. If a player wins a leg...it's 3 against 1 to take it away.   Our bet is whoever has a leg at the end of 9 holes gets $5 from each competitor.


We had played a few times before when they asked me to join the game.  I suppose they knew what they were getting themselves into. I cautiously agreed, but wasn't comfortable with my decision because we didn't know each other that well..  I went out and dumped an even-par 72 on them which made me feel guilty.    I didn't want them to think I suckered them....LOL  I told them I didn't want their money but they made me take it.   I now consider them good golf friends.  They tend to play later than me so I don't play with them very often, but I do play RABBIT when we do.  They've got into my pocket a few times, but I'm definitely up as a whole...LOL  Two of them are 10-12'ish...and one is maybe a 4hc so everyone has a chance if they just win a hole when it matters most!!!

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Used to be in my regular group a really really bad day could cost you $100, now the worst is like $35. We play a team bet, medal play 5-5-10, and marks for closet to the pin, birdies, sandies, etc. Marks are worth a buck.

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Typically nothing. I'm a BCK. Broke College Kid. Lol. My money gets spent on the round. If I do bet, it'll be like $1 a side for whoever has the least putts. Just small money to have a friendly competition.
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If my son wins per hole $1 or if I win an extra hour of homework per the next week after we play a round.


I also made a side bet today about hitting a 5 iron and making the green on a 193 yard (rated course distance) par 3. Another $1 lost, missed it by 8 yards.

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$20 sounds about right.

$10 match (straight up or Irish), plus junk for 9 holes. $5 Nassau, plus junk for 18. Skins sometimes.

Usally $2 birdies and greenies, but up for anything personally. Love the action.
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In my foursome I have nasseu with 2 guys at 3/3/3 sweep is worth 10 and normally I give a few strokes. Then another one straight up with a guy and we play 5/5/5 sweep is worth 20. Last we always have a team game or play wolf. We play 2 dollar points with 2 dollar skins. With 3 presses allowed per side. Lost of money can changes hands. I have lost as much as around 100 but one week played very well and made over 200. We also play at least 45 to 54 holes a day and money goes all day.
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Not much $$ the last few years. Most of my playing partners want golf as a way to relax, so we don't play for money very often.


When I do play for money, it's usually a $1 skins game. A "big winner" might get $15.


Years ago I got into a foursome $1 skins game with some weird side bet. I had a bad day, and ended up losing $35. It was so cruel a day: on a long par 3 - a double-carryover hole - I was the only one on the green. Then, some guy who's been playing golf for six weeks sinks a 30-yard bunker shot for his first-ever birdie. I missed a 20-foot putt and got par, but no skins.

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$10 per round.  Typically 12-20 players.  $5 goes to the best team score (2 low net or 40 balls), $5 to skins.

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