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Swing weight of sand wedge / lob wedge

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I use a 60*/04* and a 56*/14* around the green.  I love how heavy my sand wedge is.  But I love how I can deaden the face of the lob wedge and hit the toe and give the ball a high slow moving flight that doesn't roll too much.   I noticed yesterday that the SW is significantly heavier.


Has anyone ever added lead tape to their wedges?  How much weight can I expect to add without getting too clunky?  Both my wedged are Vokeys.

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Swingweight is a personal preference so you are going to have to find out what you prefer as there is no such thing as a "heavy swingweight." Swing weight is a measure of your ability to feel the club head. You can have a club that weighs 300 grams have a A0 swing weight and that same club can have a FO swingweight depending on how the weight is distributed.


My clubs don't even register on the swingweight scale as I have Tourlock pro weights installed inside the shaft.  In my opinion the total weight in combination with swingweight is the most important factor in a golf club, and not shaft flex or the clubhead. There's no such thing as clunky if you like the way they feel. Work with the total weight and swingweight of your clubs until YOU like the way they feel and can feel the club tracking around you. This goes a long way to eliminate the "hit" reflex that a lot of golfers have. You have to find out what you like as other peoples opinions of "clunky" aren't going to help you.

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The SW and LW are usually have the heaviest swingweight of the wedges.


The SW (usually) has an larger flange on the sole to blast the ball out of the sand. LW has the shortest shaft, and the feel of extra weight helps steady it on impact. Some examples...


Callaway Forged: PW, GW = D3; SW, LW = D4

     X.Hot irons in steel shaft: PW, AW = D2; SW, LW = D4

Titleist Vokey SM4: PW, GW = D3; SW, GW = D5

Cleveland 588 Forged and 588 RTX; PW = D3; GW = D4; SW, LW = D6


Again, you have to swing these wedges and see how they "feel." I'm surprised to find that Vokeys have swingweights comparable to other models. I always thought Vokeys felt too light.


As for more swingweight, if you switch to a lighter weight grip (while keeping the same thickness), this will increase the measured swingweight. A good clubsmith can calculate how much a lighter grip will increase your swingweight.

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