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First Time Champ!

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Last night was our league championship night. I was 2 points behind the leader going into the the night. If I beat him on nine holes we had to go into playoff holes to decide the winner. Well I absolutely crushed him on the 9 holes, by 10 strokes... he completely collapsed under the pressure... I was up by 5 after the first 2 and I kept the pressure on all night. Then on to the play-off hole we went......


It's not a long par 4, was playing about 350 yards but water lines the hole left side and it's a hard dog leg left from 130 yards to the green. Follow the link and click on the 18th hole to view if interested.....





We flipped a coin to see who tee's it up first and it was me. I placed my tee shot in in the middle of the fairway, 139 yards from the flag. My opponent hit's his tee to the right behind a small group of trees, about 8 feet behind them. He has about a 2-3 foot opening to shoot thru the trees and that's what he says he's going to do. I take cover behind our cart. He hit an awesome shot right thru the gap to the green but it rolled off into the bunker on the right side. This guy is one hell of a sand player to.


I grab my 8 iron to hit my approach shot, nerves were starting to kick in for the first time and wham.... hit fat and lands 60 yards short of the green! I pitched on and it rolled to the back of the green, about 30 feet past the cup, not good but have a slim chance at par which I figured was needed to win or tie. He goes to hit his sand shot and hits it thin, into the bunker on the other side! So now I am thinking, make it and it's over, If I lag it close at least finish with a bogey and play another hole. He punches out of the sand and barely makes the green leaving himself a 15 foot putt.


I am up to putt, the greens have played slow all day but this one was a downhill bender to the right so... yep 10 feet short! He putts and leaves it 24 inches short for his bogey putt, and he is now hitting 6. Now a bogey wins the hole and I am 10 feet away with all the break to the right. I putt and clipped the left edge of the hole and it stops 6 inches past.... He lets me finish out, a 6. I figure we tie, move to the next playoff hole. He lines up his putt and lipped it! Hit's the cup at about 8-9 o'clock and comes out at 12.... heartbreaking. I couldn't believe it. So I win the championship for individual, my opponent last night is my teammate and we won the team championship....

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That's awesome man! Not exactly finishing in style, but a win is a win. lol



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Congrats on the championship.

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Thanks! Yeah, not the most stylish win..... The 9th hole would have been better... I birdied that one... lol.

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Congrats man! Sounds like the pressure was maybe getting to you both a little bit, but way to hold it together and pull out the win. Well done.

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Congratulations.  And herein lies the reason why putting out every putt during casual rounds, even 2 footers, makes sense.

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