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Oakley Bottle Rockets. Best I've found. Polarized, light enough to forget you're wearing them, fit most faces.

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I wear Oakley Half Jackets with the G30 lens, not polarized.

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Only when it's sunny.

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Almost always and they are prescription Oakley M-frames that I have had for a long time.  It has to get pretty dark for me to switch to my regular glasses.  They are not super dark tint.

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I wear prescription sunglasses, polarized bronze lenses that I feel really help me to both see the ball and read greens.  They are light enough that I wear them even on cloudy days just fine.


When I started playing I tried using some progressive sunglasses I already had, but as someone else noted, couldn't keep a consistent head position and focus.  They also seemed to make the ball "jump around" as I swung the club.  After discussing this with my optometrist she suggested bifocals with the reading lens cut very low.  These have worked out great.  They are not reading glasses, I actually have to grab the ear piece and lift the lens to see through the bifocal, but I can when I need to read some fine print and they don't interfere with my setup.  This is definitely something you have to ask for though.

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I never used to like sunglasses while golfing. I tried cheap-ish shades for other outdoor sports and always felt like there was a bit of visual distortion and I couldn't be absolutely confident of where my bike wheel or foot was in relation to the ground. I finally found some good quality shades for cheap - and I'm happy with them now. Cebe did the trick for me.

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Always when sunny. Transitions for sorts sunny and dark when sunny all day.

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Yep I wear Oakley or Sungdog whether it's golf, driving or just being outside.

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I can't play without them when it's sunny out.  I wear Oakley Crosslink prescription sunglasses.  If it's not bright out just my regular Oakley eyeglasses.  But even overcast I'll wear my sunglasses because I see the ball so much clearer and easiler.  And they're also polarized

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Always, for UV protection.

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Originally Posted by jamo View Post

Between shots, yes. Not during my swing.




Can not hit a ball or putt to save my life with them on, but they are on as soon as I finish swinging a club.

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Prior to summer 2011, I didn't wear glasses as part of a normal day routine, but I did wear sunglasses when playing golf, other than when putting. Early that summer, I was first diagnosed (is that the right word?) with worse-than-20/20 vision and got glasses with transition lenses, so now I wear sunglasses when playing always (unless I want to play without my vision glasses, which I don't).

I'm not sure why one wouldn't want to wear them, particularly on sunny days, but better players than I feel that way, so I assume there's a good reason.
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I wear prescription glasses.  Years ago and with a different prescription, I tried golfing with sunglasses but wasn't happy with the results.  It seemed like my depth perception was off when wearing prescription sunglasses.   My vision has changed several times since then and I've added bifocals.   My new sunglasses are also bifocal but I haven't tried using them golfing.   I may just give them a go.   My optometrist strongly suggests something to protect from the UVA/UVB.

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I wear sunglasses when driving or being outside, unless I'm golfing.  I do not like having my RayBan's on while taking a swing for whatever reason.  I just use my trusty Puma ballcap and hopefully the sun has come up enough to not get in my eyes

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Started wearing sunglasses late last year after having closed angle glaucoma surgery.
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