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Golf Sims under 20k

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Hello, new member here. Glad to be apart of this great site!

I have been searching for information on here for different golf sims within your forums and would like to get a more specific thread going.

I have a room that I would like to put a golf simulator in for my daughter and I. I am hoping to get her some lessons over the winter on it. Space should not be a problem for any suggested sim.

All expenses included, I am looking to spend less then 20k. I have talked to some folks selling fullswing ls3 units and gc2 units.

What else is out there that would fit into my budget in the new or used market that I should be looking for? I have a high contrast 1080p projector already to use and the diy ability for just about anything.

I was ready to pull the trigger on an FS ls3 unit but didn't feel that I had done enough research.

Any info on reliability, accuracy, fun factor, and of course some pretty decent graphics.

Thanks for everyone's time!


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Did you see this one?



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Yes I did Mvmac, thanks!
What would you put in your house?
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Originally Posted by fdifence View Post

Yes I did Mvmac, thanks!
What would you put in your house?


Only the top of the line of course :-P  Yeah I don't know very much about simulators, but after doing some more searching, this might be a good one to check out for $8,000.




There's also OptiShot for $400

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Hey fdifence,


Welcome to the forum.  Great question!  For the residential buyer of golf simulators, I like to recommend the TruGolf Technique line.  It is a nice lower price point, performance is good to great.  Company is outstanding with customer service, and they have the best golf simulator software in the industry as far as user experience for game improvement.  The Tech Personal goes for just under $8K, but you have to buy a pretty charged up computer, probably will cost you about $1000.  Still your investment will be around $9500 after shipping.  Be sure you buy from one of their dealers that will help you sell it on the used market, because after a year or two new technologies come out and you need to be able to liquidate it to stay in step with the tech growth.  Best of luck.


The GC2 is good, but a bit pricey for what you are getting.  Once you go to L and R handed playing together, it gets annoying.  Plus, a lot of feedback about how when you hit down into the mat, the unit jostles around and causes shot reading errors.  For the same price as the Tech Personal with computer, you will get a lot less golf simulator, and really a launch monitor that can double as a simulator.


From what it sounds like you were looking at the $19,500 used sims on ebay.  Call Full Swing and ask them if they will service it if you need it, they will say no. Do not make the mistake of buying a sim used that the manufacturer will not look at without you re-certifying it with them.  If the person that sells it to you goes out of business or stops selling them and gets a job doing something else, there goes the guy that knows how to tinker with them, not worth the trouble.  Only buy used that is acknowledged by the manufacturer, or just buy as a buyer beware.


Good luck friend, and hope your daughter gets on the LPGA because her Dad cared about her.

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Appreciate the link and that detailed response. I hear ya on the used stuff. What units can you add launch monitors to and gather more data?
I am at least shooting for a scholarship to college out of this. Luckiest 7 year old to hang out with her dad and play golf all winter. Had her out on course several times this summer and she is hooked.
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More specifically, what if any units if any are expandable? Can you add cameras or launch monitors have it integrate with the units software? Thanks!
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