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My Swing (cjohnprix)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 88

My typical ball flight is: low on rescue club

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: duck hook left


Hi Everyone,

New to the forum.


Any advice is very apperciated, this is only my 1st year of golf. 


I try and make it to the range almost everyday. I have been shooting high 80s consistenly for the last two months at various courses but I am trying to become more consistent when getting off the tee box.


My irons are very consistent and save me a lot of strokes.


I am having some troubles with my hybrid club and 3 wood. (driver I dont even bother with)... 






Some good shots - Some bad shots - trying to figure out the differences!!


Hybrid Club:



Great shot.




Iron shot:



Iron shot 2:



3 wood : Awful. Topped it the first 2 swings, last swing is a nice 250 yrd slight fade.


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Looks like you don't get your weight to the left side effectively which explains a lot of the tops and thins. Also it appears you stand too far away from the ball, which may explain the hook.
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Thank you for the feedback.


I tried working on my body rotation and coiling yesterday.


Here is a down the line shot:


Please help.


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Any feedback?

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Gotta work on camera angles.

Need momentum moving to your front foot.

To ingrain this I used to:

Address the ball as normal, then pull my left foot back to my right(rear) foot. Swing to the top and step into the ball and swing simultaneously. Swing easy and don't actually hit the ball

Then do the same thing, but hit the ball. Hit a few this way, then try to bring your weight shift into a normal swing with feet planted. Just never go full baseball mode!
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Thank you for the drill, I will try that out.

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