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Welcome Hopkins Golf!

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Hi All,


Wanted to welcome our newest sponsor Hopkins Golf to The Sand Trap!  If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask them in this thread.


All Hopkins wedges are made the same way they make them for Tour players including:


  • 8620 Carbon Steel, unchromed, for great feel and rusting purposes
  • Grooves that have maxiumum USGA dimensions for increased spin
  • Tour authentic components like Lamkin grips, True temper and KBS shafts, etc.
  • Six different custom grinds
  • Custom personalization including engraving, stamping and custom colors


From Hopkins Golf on their story:

After some 30-plus years in the golf business, a retired Greg Hopkins sat down to dinner one night with family and friends. The discussion soon turned to the evolution of the golf industry. Specifically, the group chatted about golf's changing retail landscape, true customization that only Tour pros experience, and the advent of direct "manufacturer to consumer" distribution that offers a better value to end users. Not your typical table topics. But from that conversation, the seeds of Hopkins Golf were sowed.

With encouragement from his wife, Linda, and several serendipitous conversations with key partners along the way, Greg founded Hopkins Golf with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: Providing amateur golfers a way to create their own custom clubs the same way Tour players do - at a fair price. Plus, he wanted to make it easy for golfers to try the clubs on the course and then be able to return them, if they didn't exceed expectations.

This is how we're doing it: You design the clubs right on our website and order them directly from us at a great price, instead of buying them at traditional retail stores. Plus, you receive your clubs quickly and Hopkins Golf has an easy, hassle-free return policy.

We're only making wedges -- for now. But who knows what'll result from Greg's next dinner get-together?


Make sure to check out Hopkins Golf here http://hopkinsgolf.com/page/index


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Looking forward to comprehensive reviews. I'd love to hear about which grinds will play like Mizuno MP T-11's that I love but will need to be replaced. Which grinds keep leading edge low when you open them like my Mizuno and different than my old Callaways? Which grinds...


Hoping TST will have reviewers give more that the info on Hopkins website -- which is fine but simple.


I like the ideas of these being my next wedges.

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Sign me up to review these wedges! This is a niche market that I see them doing well in. 

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I checked out the site. Not too bad. A lot of extra charges as expected. Wish they offered more grip brands. The spinner shafts are about right as an add on. Maybe would consider after some reviews.
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I checked out the Hopkins site about a month ago, and have had a couple of informative e-mail exchanges with them. I inserted a table on shaft lengths in one of our TST threads.


Here on my desk I have a printout of the specs for a three-wedge set I would try if I went with Hopkins. If you need a reviewer for these, let me know.

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These are really cool and something I will strongly consider when the time comes to buy new wedges.
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I'd love to review your 54* and 58* wedges. I've been using Vokeys, but the grooves are getting beat.
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Nice customization interface for the design your club option.  Very easy.


I would like to get my hands on a few to try out!  I wish there was a 48 option though without having it bent

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Originally Posted by clutchshot View Post

These are really cool and something I will strongly consider when the time comes to buy new wedges.



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Is it true that UPS employees build the clubs and customize them, then send out to you?

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For whatever little it's worth, the Hopkins ad on Gokf Channel is extremely effective. The golfer telling the befuddled sporting goods store employee how the purchase process will work. The employee obviously can't meet the golfer's needs, and enter Hopkins. Well done and effective. Now it needs to avoid being overplayed but still reach its audience.
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Originally Posted by jbest View Post

Is it true that UPS employees build the clubs and customize them, then send out to you?


From what I've read the answer is yes.  The idea originated on the golf course, during a round at Oakmont with the President of UPS.


Hopkins developed an operational partnership with UPS and secured 18 employees dedicated exclusively to the Hopkins Golf.  Hopkins built an assembly plant inside the UPS hub in Mira Loma.  Obviously the UPS employees have been trained to build golf equipment.  So the idea is that you get custom built clubs and a fast turnaround.  Also by cutting out the middle man, Hopkins and can offer their custom wedges at lower prices than Titleist and Cleveland


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That's something to look into considering I'll need new wedges for next season and the custom grind/KBS Tour shaft wedges are the same price as something off the rack at a golf shop.

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They should send the Trap some of their returned wedges to send out as demos for us to review. That would be a great way to actually get some real reviews and not the usual suck-up reviews that the magazines put out to people that advertise with them. I mean have you ever read a bad staff review of an OEM club that advertised in Golf Digest? 

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Great looking wedges.  I'd like to see a little more specificity when it comes to bounces.  Seems like the options there are somewhat limiting, with a tendency towards lower effective bounce......

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First constructive comment...add a 48. 

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Originally Posted by TourSpoon View Post

First constructive comment...add a 48. 


I second this.

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Hey Everyone,


Thanks for the warm welcome to The Sand Trap! We are excited to hear feedback from everyone on what they think of our wedges. 


FYI: We are looking to add new lofts and a few other exciting things to our lineup later this year and early next year, so stay tuned!


- Randy from Hopkins Golf

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