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I found the leprechauns stash of lost balls today

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So I push my second shot right towards some bush/trees that are at the top first level along a slow 20-30 ft decline through multiple levels of brush/trees and more brush finally stopping at a river.


i look around because i swore my ball kicked into the brush. i see a ball and i think its mine. i cut through the brush and vines like im in some jungle in nam to get at it - its not my ball. i go to pull it towards me with my iron and it pulls the underbrush and ground growth up some and i see another. i start pulling up this growth around and found basically 8 new balls (3 pro v1's and a mix of srixons), i left 2 more that would of took too much work for the course homies. then, i go to drop a ball and see mine in some deep rough along the tree line. it made my day.


whats the most balls you have found in one spot other than a pond/creek full.. well creeks/pond any water is okay too?

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Not really one spot, but on one course on one weekend. It was January 2012, and I got to play all weekend at a NAVY Base where the  2nd, 3rd and 9th holes have a fence line down the right side separating the course from railroad tracks. I essentially had the course to myself all weekend so I could take my time and started to pull out my ball retriever when I was on those holes and collect balls from the other side of the fence.


Total take for the weekend was 45 balls of every kind. Most of them were in great shape and the ones that weren't, I tossed out on the driving range.


I get to play there two or three times a year, all weekend long and the best part of that trip, was that it was the second time there was a nice little sign on the clubhouse door saying "Golf is Free this weekend!"

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I cleared a lot of brush and low hanging limbs at the course at the beginning of the summer and on all 4 holes that had woods to the right there were plenty of balls starting from 175 yards from the tee to 250 yards from the tee.


The type of golf ball at different distances was interesting. In general the farther from the tee the better the ball and the closer to the fairway the better the ball (with exceptions of course).


The most golf balls I ever saw in exactly one spot was where I used to be a member. They did some backhoe work along a creek and dug up a pile of dirt from the edge of the creek and left it there. The next day it rained and washed away some of the dirt and the entire pile was covered with hundreds of golf balls. The pile of dirt turned out to be about equal amounts of dirt and golf balls. Problem was that they were from 50 year old golf balls to new balls and everything in between.


I picked out a few newer looking ones and went on playing. For the next few weeks I noticed that almost every day one member or another would be at the dirt pile sorting through golf balls.

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I remember finding 5 or 6 in amongst pine needles on one hold at a course I play a lot.  I could not for the life of me figure out how they couldn't find the ball.  They were visible and not buried.  My thought was the scramble earlier in the day had a lot of liquid refreshment and the players were too cross-eyed to find their balls.

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Maybe it was a coyote's nest... :^)

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On Thursday, I was helping a guy look for his ball that he hit left on #10 at Keystone River and I found 7 or 8 balls but we did not find his.  They were not right together, but in the same general area- the edge of the tall grass that starts as the right to left slope with trees, pine cones and wood chips starts to thin.


They were all in decent shape, but only 1 was what I would consider playing so I left them for the cart guys.

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In our late teens, my brother and I were out playing at our local course, and one of our balls off the tee was a high fade into a very treed natural area.  Upon entering, we immediately began to find balls scattered thru out.  By the time we had hunted out the area, all four pockets of my shorts were full of balls, and my brother had not only filled his pockets as well but also had stuffed 4-5 more into his underwear.


By the time we finished the round, both of us were approaching pure misery, my brother more so than me,,as we had realized that the reason so many balls were just laying around wasn't due to not being able to find them,,,it was the poison ivy that was all over that kept the smarter players from going to look.


Needless to say, for several days,,both of us were in total agony, especially my brother, and to this day, I don't ever go into the woods, If I cant reach a ball with my 5 iron,,,someone else can have it.

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I was started to play golf and was losing golf balls at high rate.  On this particular course I played one day, there were guys hedging bushes alongside a hole.    They had 20+ balls strewn about on cart path.   I think they were from the bushes.   I asked if I can take the balls and they said ok.    That was the only jackpot I had. 

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When I was on the greens committee, there was one year when we had a flood (well, we have floods all the time, but I digress) and I went out to some trouble spots after the water receded with the greenskeeper. On one of the fairways that had flooded, there must have been 200 balls lying there next to a water hazard. The greenskeeper said it happened every time there was a flood and his staff usually got tthe pick of the litter. I told him, too bad this time, and I picked out all the Bridgestone 330-RX's that I could find.

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Holy cow OP that's a nice stash you found.  One time I saw the local diver for my CC.  He had on a wetsuit snorkel mask etc the works.  Even flippers.  Was driving an extended golf cart and he had a bag of balls in the back that was chock full, not joking, probably a round bag full of balls total of 25 cubic feet.

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Haha...I am the furthest thing from a ball hawker these days, but this thread reminds me of a night when I was a beginner golfer many, many years ago. (20+years ago)

 I had just graduated from college, got married, and moved into an apartment with my new wife that bordered a golf course. I knew the course well......it had this awesome creek that crossed several holes. It is one of those wide knee/thigh deep crystal clear creeks with a rocky bottom.  My wife and I had a stay-in night and rented a couple movies and she decided to go to bed early...I had other plans....


I put some old shoes on and went ball hawking after drinking some beers.  I took a plastic sack loaded with ice and a 4-6 beers with me.  I scaled a big tall fence without spilling any ice....LOL  I drank my beer and filled that bag with golf balls....hahaha  It was one of those pristine nights with a full moon....no flashlight was needed.  it was a beautiful summer night weather.....  I still remember the peacefulness of it all...LOL I think I went back 1 other night, but the experience didn't compare to the first.  I never wen back again....

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I posted on my thread about this. I was in the trees in between 10th and 11th fairway at Sunday River. It was a slow day and I shanked one in. I went in to find it and I found over 70 maybe even 80 since I left quite a few balls that I wouldn't play with. Most were like new. I ran out of pocket space.

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