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The right balance between the range and the course

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Hey guys, so i have a lot of free time during the summers, and over the past two years I have been going to the range a lot more often than playing on the course.  I feel like it helps and hurts at the same time.  I feel like i can practice all of the right things and master them, but i also feel like i go through too many swing changes and thoughts.  But if i play too much, then i cant work on anything.  I just want to hear your opinion on this.

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First off I'd take a look at this.



Also to help you transition your range game to the course I'd picture myself on the course hitting shots.  Put yourself on whatever course you're familiar with and hit various shots.  Not saying you have to play the entire course on the range but pick a few shots, a drive, par 3, second shot on a par 4 and keep practicing that shot over and over until you feel confident.  So when you're on the course, it's nothing new, something you've done a dozen times on the range.

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As I see it, the range is where you learn to hit shots and the course is where you learn how to play. Too much time at the range doesn't teach you when to use the different shots you have practiced. Too much time on the course doesn't let you develop a wider variety of skills.


Basically, if you're playing well, and often, you don't need to spend much time at the range. But if you can play only occasionally, range time will maintain your skills. If you're playing poorly, range time will help you iron things out. Or, to learn a new shot, go to the range.


The point of golf is to play it. The range is there for support when you need it.

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I would like to be more diligent and go to the range between every round I play but I want to get out and make pars and birdies ftw!  I probably go to the range once for every 2 rounds which isn't bad but it doesn't quite seem to be enough, I end up playing like crap during the second round because the first round went well and I become arrogant and think I have it down or because I forget the right way to hit the stupid ball and spend the afternoon spraying balls everywhere.

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I'm a weekend warrior and usually play a round a weekend and try to get to the range once or twice during the week.


At this point, I'm trying to build a consistent swing so spending time at the range is important to me.


I will say that I find that I play better when I'm able to get to the range sometime during the week.  I imagine that's because my muscle memory is still relatively fresh when I get out on the course.

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I feel like I need to practice on the course more than I do. On the range, conditions and swings are very consistent. I feel like I need more experience out on the course of hitting to a precise target - but with the wind in varying places, uphill and downhill lies, doglegs and obstacles and changes in elevation and so forth.

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