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is there such a thing as a game improvement driver?

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I have been playing about four months and am severely addicted to the game! I recently bought a used set of adams irons/hybrids from a pawn shop for next to nothing and love them! I also bought a metal x putter the same day and love it too. I am currently taking lessons and improving every day. My next investment will be a 3 wood and driver as the cheapies I have are to light of flex for me. I think I will be ok for a while as I have intentionally slowed my swing down but will need a stiff flex when I begin to turn things up again. I want to do it the right way and hit everything possible and was curious where to start? Is there such a thing as a game improvement driver? I know you hear alot about game improvement irons but not so much with woods is that just a difference in marketing strategy? I plan on hitting a few this weekend and was curiojs where you thought I should start? I dont have a huge budget so the adams speedline super s and taylormade rbz look good but thats just going off of price and looks. Are there any features in particular I should be looking for? Thanks in advance!
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All drivers are game improvement drivers these days :-P

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Most drivers in my opinion are quite forgiving. In my case, i feel safer from the tee hitting my driver than hitting my 3 wood.

Just make sure to choose a club that fits your swing (proper shaft flex, torque, weight,...). And some mind aspects as well --> you feel confortable at address, meaning that in stance position you don´t feel that the clubhead is too big or too small, you feel it has a good shape that makes aiming easy....

Good luck!
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Lmk I have a few older drivers I would sell petty cheap. Ex Cleveland, Taylormade
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The Adams Super S is supposed to be long and straight. I've heard good things.


The shaft length is a bit long for my tastes - but you can grip down and see if that helps.

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I bought a used ping rapture and for whatever reason it had a nike sq dymo shaft on it and I ended up snapping the head off of it. I went back to the cheap freebie ram fx gold. It is probably an inch shorter and now that ive figured out my swing a little more the shorter shaft is much more comfortable and easier to control so I will definitely be looking for something shorter! Do most companies offer different shaft lengths or is it just what it is? Also if I go with an adams would it be worth having it trimmed in your opinion or should I shop for something with the shaft length I want?
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Well,  I conducted a search and saw the Adams Super S Driver at $128 on www.rockbottomgolf.com during the Tour Championship. The Matrix Radix shaft alone sells for $135 - so the driver is a great deal.

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You can find some drivers that are more forgiving than others, yes.
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i think there is. For the last year i was playing a TM Burner superfast 2.0. The shaft was really long, about 3/4" longer than any other driver i tried. For some reason when i got fitted they told me this was the right driver. Well, i became totally inconsistent with my drives. All over the place with a real bad draw to the left. I sold the thing. It was far to light for me, and far too long. 


i am then bought a ping g20 and my driving game is way better. Its just a better club for me. Forgiving, the right weight and length in a stiff tour shaft. So yes, i believe there are certain drivers that if fitted properly will improve your game. 

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i believe the Nike Covert is considered a GI driver....

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You want to look for any 460cc head; they're all very forgiving with huge sweet spots. 

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Thanks for the input guys I plan on hitting all that I can but like to have others opinions first! Keep em coming!
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The Ping G20 (one of the reasons I bought it) is considered a "Game Improvement" driver.  The Anser - not so much.


Regardless, I still can't hit driver worth a piss so out comes Mr 3 Hybrid on the tee.

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I love hitting my 3 h out of the tee box! I have been starting with my driver and usually give up on it by the third hole move to the three wood and give up on it by ten but like to keep trying!
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Best game improvement driver I'm aware of is a deep faced 3W.  Take a look at the Callaway X-Hot 3Deep or Titleist 910/913F.d

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460cc driver head = bowling ball lassoed onto a fishing rod. OP, you are far better off going smaller and then strive to hit the ball in the center of the club. IMO the monster heads only bring sorry and agony to those of us who face driver difficulties. I like the deep 3W, as mentioned.  

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A game improvement driver would have a higher loft like a 12,degree and a regular to senior flex....also shaft length. Most drivers are appx 4 inches. Get one a couple inches shorter ensuring more control and higher pure ball striking consistency.
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Lol meant to say most drivers are,45" in length but try hitting a 43.5" driver with a more forgiving, regular flex.
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