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adam scott: not australian?

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We all associate AS with the outback, as he seems as aussie as greg norman. indeed, AS grew up in Qland, parents big golfers and dad a clubfitter so good golf came easily and early for AS. 

Now i have read, http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/19/sports/golf/green-jacket-required-for-scott-on-the-road.html?ref=golf   

that AS holds a Swiss passport.


Yet, a short web search says nothing of his passport, only his big wealth, numerous houses, jet airplanes, multiple girlfriends, and of course, stupid questions on his favorite car to drive. So i would wonder why would AS would choose Switzerland for his legal residence? Tax savings is the first thought, as folks with big money are often the greediest. AS official website still claims AS lives in Qland, loves the beach, represents OZ etc, but does not mention his passport, which to me is a small deception. There may other reasons, i cannot see them.  Certainly it's one thing to have houses here and there if you can afford them but quite another to hold numerous passports, or to quit your native land and choose to emigrate.  

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Does it make a difference where his passport is from? No offense, but who cares. So what, he's a legal resident/citizen of Switzerland. I'm not sure why it matters.
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How has Scott quit his native land? I think you would find a number of wealthy individuals who make Monaco their "home", too. Really not much different than so many tour pros who live in Florida or Texas.  They prefer to keep more of what they earn.

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Probably did it for tax purposes.

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Maybe he did it so he  could play in the Ryder cup? Now he's a European, just like Sergio. 

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