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Golf logix freezing

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Anyone else have golf logix freezing after their first hole. I click the top right tab that says next hole then it goes to the scorecard for that hole and freezes. I have to reset my phone then go back in and when it says if I want to continue round I have to click cancel round
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YES!  I hate the app at this point.  Too convoluted and seems to stall/freeze when changing screens.  Their reviews are getting worse online.  I just use a yardage GPS app now which uses very little battery...

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I haven't had that problem but the fly over doesn't work anymore.  I've had a couple courses where the score card was completely wrong but the customer service has always been quick to respond.   I have a Galaxy S3 on Verizon.


It would be helpful if you listed your phone model and carrier service.

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Att iPhone 5. I went in settings and deactivated my score card hopefully next time it will skip right to the next hole. It may have to do with my iOS update I just did
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Try Golf Pad. I could never get Golf Logix to go more than about 12-14 holes before it killed my battery on my old HTC Android phone and even on my newer HTC One V, and I like Golf Pad better - I might be able to play 36 holes before it drains the battery.
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Doesn't happen with my Bushnell V3.......... :)

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