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Poll Results: Do you golf solo?

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I used to play alone a long time ago. but haven't in years.  I play for the competitive aspect as much as anything, and "trying to beat the course" or some such thing by myself just doesn't do it for me.


If I can't find someone to play with, I'd rather go hit balls at the range if I absolutely need to hit a golf ball.  Fortunately, I have a large enough group of like-minded golf buddies that I can just about always find a game if I want one.

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I go to the course as a single 10 - 12 times a year.  Usually I get in with a group, but occasionally I will be solo.  Last week, I played with three guys on the front nine and solo on the back.  I used the back nine as a practice round and put balls in odd lies or bunkers.


Best day to almost guarantee a solo round here is Easter Sunday.  I've done it a couple of times.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Desmond View Post

I play better alone, but camaraderie is preferred.



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Originally Posted by lumpuckeroo View Post

I have points in time where I like to golf by myself, but on the whole I prefer to golf with someone.  My eye sight isn't what it used to be, so I like having a second set of eyes that can help me see where my ball went.  But I do find, there are times when I like the solitude of playing a round solo, I don't have to help look for balls, or watch someone's ball, or wait on them to putt, so it has it's merits.  I've also found that when playing solo, I will catch up to a group that I will join and have a good time, get to meet some new people that way.


Don't want to steal your topic, but I also have a pet peeve about playing solo.  Good golf etiquette says you let faster groups play through, but if you play as a single on a busy day don't expect groups to let you play through. IMHO, just because you are a single doesn't give the right to get to play through. 


I'll agree that if the course is busy, a single playing through another group isn't going to get you anywhere except right behind the next group in front of you. However, the rules of golf are pretty clear: A single has standing to play through. This is from the etiquette section:


Priority on the Course
Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, priority on the course is
determined by a group’s pace of play. Any group playing a whole round is
entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round. The term “group” includes
a single player.



Also see this: http://golf.about.com/od/golfetiquette/f/singlespriority.htm

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Originally Posted by Meltdwhiskey View Post

I prefer to play with people, but definitely don't mind playing alone.  I do it from time to time.  But mostly even if I go to the course by myself, I will get paired up with someone.  That is fun too.



My problem with playing alone is that I feel the round going too fast when I just play one shot. Even if I'm playing well, by the 3rd hole, I start hitting extra shots so that I can take my time.Then the whole round feels more like an extended driving range session, except that the shots are on a real course. When I go into that mode, I stop tracking scores. When I get home, I always wish I'd stuck to one ball and kept score!
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I almost always go solo but often end up getting added to a larger group.  I don't really mind either way but I've noticed if I'm solo and the pace of play is slow it's a million times more annoying.  I also seem to play better when I'm in a group.

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There are advantages to playing alone. For one, I find the company to be more of a sure thing than getting random pairings -- which can be anything from awesome to awful. At least when I'm alone I know the a#*hole I'm playing with. I'm always willing to be paired up with a group when I arrive to play alone. But, if I'm sent out alone, I'm more than happy with too. I understand the OP's reluctance but urge trying it. Many of us have something that we'd rather not do alone. Someone mentioned a long lunch. I've only been to one movie alone and it felt very odd to me. I don't know why. Something about going to a movie theater alone seems like wrong for me. Yet, playing golf alone seems natural.

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I've been to several movies alone and it didn't bother me at all.  Then again, they were blow'em up shoot'em in the face action movies, if it was some painfully sappy chickflick it might be awkward.  I almost prefer eating dinner alone actually, I like the peace and quiet and unlimited time to browse the menu, read the web/newspaper, etc.

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I enjoy playing alone, occasionally.  I usually will catch up to a group of 3 or 4, but I stay back, pull more balls from my bag and hit extra shots until they advance.  I enjoy working on my game on the actual course (provided that there's no one behind me that I hold up) instead of relying on practicing at the driving range only.  Also, even if the pace of play is normal, I still enjoy leaving the office and getting at least 9 holes in about once a week.  I'll either play alone or I will wait on the 1st teebox until a small party approaches if I feel like playing in a group setting.  


My mom passed away less than a month ago (I actually got the news when I was on the golf course) and after a few days of grieving and trying to make all of her arrangements, I went and played 18 holes by myself.  It was relaxing, enjoyable and better than any type of therapy I could imagine.  I purposely played alone because I didn't feel like making conversation, not to mention, I didn't want to get paired with some hot head who would peg the negativity meter out before the back 9 and ruin the round for me.

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I used to play a lot of solo rounds. I was going to play no matter what and if nobody showed up at the course I played alone (which was fairly often, especially during hunting season).


Now I hate to play alone and almost never do it. The last time was a couple of months ago and when I got home my wife asked me how I played. I said I shot 4 under with an eagle and two birdies and nobody saw and nobody cared.


Unless I just want to get in some practice I doubt if I'll ever golf alone again.

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I used to enjoy playing by myself but not so much this year. I made a friend on a foreign golf course last year that is equal talent as I am and although we both seem to suck when we play together, it is a ton of fun and I look forward to it every time. I actually don't mind the extra drive or if I have to pay for the beers after the round...


I still probably play 60% of my rounds alone.

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I enjoy playing alone, and most of the time when I go solo I walk. I play pretty quick, so I make sure I play when I can go at my own pace. I really dislike people running up my rear and waiting on me, because it makes me feel rushed and I hurry from shot to shot rather than move at my own pace. 


I try to be the first one out of the box in the morning. I set it up the day before I play and get permission to start before the course opens. I can start before 7 am and have the course to myself. A disadvantage is the low sun right in my eyes on 1 and 3, and it's easy to lose the ball. Other than that, peace and quiet and relaxation.


The only drawback to this plan is when the dew is heavy, and my footprints and pull cart tracks are a clear trail to where I've been. The good holes show a straight line from the tee box to a spot in the fairway, straight to the green, and a nice ball track to the hole on the dewey green. The bad holes show how I walked to the left rough, shanked one to the right rough, hit one fat 20 yards, chili dipped my chip, and 3 putted. There's no hiding it. 

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It is very rare that I will go out and play alone.


If I take a Friday off from playing it means none of my friends could break free for the afternoon.


I play at a private club, everyone would let me play through but to me golf is not meant to be played in under 2 hours - i like to enjoy my beer and cigars while playing.

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Sunday, here, it was around 50º.   I called a local course and they told me I could play the back 18 if I hurried within the next 45 minutes.   I played alone and on the back nine didn't see another soul until I was on 17. 

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Originally Posted by Pushy View Post

I enjoy golfing alone, but I don't like being paired up at the course with much better golfers.  Kind of tough being by far the worst in the group, and I fret about holding people up if I have to look for balls and such.  A downside to solo golf is getting behind a foursome or something like that.  That can lead to a lot of waiting between shots.

My 2 cents from a lowHC perspective:


Don't sweat it!  I promise your playing partners don't care how many strokes you take.  They aren't counting and don't care.... The only thing you need to concern yourself with is that your play isn't causing the group to fall behind.  So long as your group is keeping up with the group in front of you....it's all good.    If you knock 2 balls in the tall grass fronting the tee.....just drop in the fairway and keep the flow going....

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I prefer to play alone at times. When it's just you on the course early in the morning it's so peaceful. It really gives you time to clear your head, relax and enjoy the game in a different way.
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I prefer to play golf alone when there is open course ahead and I know I can haul @ss without catching anyone.  If there is moderate traffic ahead that I know I'll get stuck behind, I always pair-up.  For me, it's pure torture playing as a single waiting behind groups.   When there is traffic...I pair up 100% of the time.

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Last summer I had time to play a ton of golf so I played alone at least 75% of the time.  I wasn't so lucky this year,  only got out for about 10 rounds and all of them were with my Dad or friends.

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