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Help for golf set (700$ budget)

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Hi, my name is Michael and I'm 15 years old. I used to play golf when I was 8-11 years old but my parents had to stop me because it was to expensive. Now that I have a job, I'm ready to start again, however my junior set is now obviously too small so I need to get my self a new one. I have a 700$ budget but I'm ready to go up to 775$ if it's worth it. I was wondering what I should buy? I looked around the internet and I found some pretty good deals. I'm looking for something with a lot of forgiveness, since my swing isn't as good as it used too. I haven'

t calculated my handicap yet but I'm guessing 15-25 :/


I was thinking about matching up some Wilson d100 driver/woods with some Wilson ci11 irons, since they are pretty cheap and have good reviews. As for the putter, I have absolutely no idea!


Any help will be greatly appreciated,

-Michael :)


P.S: Sorry for my bad English, It's not my first language.

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The Wilsons sound like a good choice. I hear good stuff about them. Mizuno JPX 825's are pretty sweet. I myself purchased PING G25's about 2 months ago. Love 'em! But if you're trying to buy a full set, irons, driver, woods, putter etc. that may be out of your ball park. Check online for good deals. I picked up PING hybrids, G15 and G20's for about 1/3 the cost of new. They were store demos, but in nearly perfect condition. No worse than if I had played a half dozen rounds or so with them. You might find some great deals online for some clubs that are a year or two removed from being the lastest models. Nothing wrong with them at all... They were the best of the best back when they were new, so who cares! You'll get more for your money that way.


I used www.3balls.com and found some great deals on my PING hybrids, driver, fairway wood. You can buy some great stuff and save a lot of money doing that. These guys are legit, sell authentic factory clubs, no counterfits, and they are really customer oriented. I was really happy with everything I purchased through them. 


But do yourself a favor before purchasing anything. Go for a fitting. Don't spend your hard earned cash on clubs unless they are fit for your swing, and size. It made a huge difference for my game. Even if you don't purchase clubs from them after the fitting, at least you know exactly what you should be looking for. 


Have fun shopping, do your research, swing a variety of club brands if you can. Ranges often have demos you can try out, if they also sell clubs. Take your time, it's a big purchase, and you want to be happy with your decision. I bought my PING G25 irons brand new from a local dealer. I went to two fittings... One at a range, and I felt like the guy rushed through, and just got me on my way. I didn't buy from him. I then went to another place, a retail golf shop. The fitter was cool, took his time, talked with me about my game, my experience level. He didn't treat me like a noobie. He really helped me. He has a customer for life. I buy most of my stuff there now.


Then I happened to catch PING reps and their trailer at the driving range. I hit a few balls and the PING rep built a couple clubs for me. Different shafts, head lie angles etc. and it confirmed what I already knew from the retail fitting. It made me very confident to go ahead and make the purchase, because what PING said was good for me, was exactly what the retail shop came up with. So, find a good place to be fit, even get a second or third opinion, then spend that cash! You won't regret it. 


Go for a set that is a year or two old if you can find some that fit you. They will be excellent, and you will stretch your dollars much farther, for better gear overall. 


Good luck and have fun!

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Don't buy anything new.  You can get much better used clubs for the price.  I never buy new irons.

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Originally Posted by jb57 View Post
-Message removed in order to save some space-

Thanks for replying! Really helped a lot, I've totally forgotten about fitting my clubs :)

Originally Posted by guiseppe View Post

Don't buy anything new.  You can get much better used clubs for the price.  I never buy new irons.

Yes! It's amazing how a few scratches lower the value so much, I find it funny that people think about aesthetics so much...

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Originally Posted by guiseppe View Post

Don't buy anything new.  You can get much better used clubs for the price.  I never buy new irons.


Agreed. You'll stretch that budget a lot farther with used clubs from 1-5 seasons ago, and even further.

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Originally Posted by guiseppe View Post

Don't buy anything new.  You can get much better used clubs for the price.  I never buy new irons.



Even new used clubs. I got my RocketBladez (this year's model) iron set for $400.
You could go back a couple years and get a good iron set for $250, throw in a quality used $75 driver, $50 3 wood, $50 putter, $50 for two new wedges, and $100 for a bag, and you're well under your $700 limit.


Look for some used old Nike Slingshots.

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Yep, unless your buying Titleist or Mizuno's all other brand names depreciate a ton. This is because they come out with clubs yearly, or biyearly (taylormade). Mizuno and Titleist only come out with clubs ever two years. 


You can easily find a new set of clubs for under 500 dollars what will be good for you.

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Be sure that you test-hit the clubs to find ones that fit you. Don't buy online, because you don't know if you will like them or not.


And, don't feel you have to buy all 14 clubs at once. Get a putter, set of irons and a SW, a driver and a 4W. This will get you started. You can fill in other clubs as your game develops.


In May, I went to a demonstration day to test some clubs. I tried out several versions of the D100 driver, and I really liked it. It's a good club that most people don't know about.

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2nd for used clubs.  When you're older and blowing some extra money for the fun of having spanking new irons is there, then sure.  But for now you're just throwing money away.  If you're worried about getting fit, just buy a used set that's forged, not cast, and you can get it bent easily to fit you.


Go to the nearest golf store with the biggest used club selection and hitting stalls with launch monitors (that's Roger Dunn near me).  Try all the used iron sets in the <$3-400 range, buy your favorite.  You'll get twice the club for the same or less.  Fill out the rest of your set with more used clubs and you'll have a much higher performance setup than if you buy new.


I got an excellent set of Titleist 695 CBs, very expensive club when it was new, for $200 a year or two ago.  Love those clubs, still performing excellently.

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I totally agree with buying used clubs unless you can find a great deal on some new irons. I bought the G15's about a week ago brand new and they cost me $399. I would look on eBay because you could find really nice clubs on there for cheap prices. I just ordered a Ping G20 hybrid for $50. If you want a very forgiving set of irons I would highly recommend Ping or Mizuno irons if you can afford them. A fitting for new irons is also recommend, that way you know the clubs are made for you and your swing. When looking for a driver you can find things from like 4 or 5 years ago that are uber forgiving and you can get them really cheap. You can do the same thing with putters as well since putter technology to my knowledge hasn't changed that much over the last couple of years. Good luck with the club hunting and make sure you let us know what you get.

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Not sure about you but I would go for new, last seasons models on clearance


Irons like Razr Combo or Adams Super S for $399 (you get your hybrids included in the price)


Adams Watson Wedges GW, SW and LW for $99


Plenty of drivers for between $100-$150 for example Speedline S $149, Speedline fast 12 for $99, similar prices now for Cobra Cells, Burner Superdfast2.0 for about $110


Loads of fairways for under $100, $60-70


The Wilson stuff you are talking about is also pretty decent and well priced


Putters, check out Cleveland Classic for a range of models and very modest prices


With a bit of research you can easy put together a decent set for your budget and all shiny and new.


3balls, rockbottom or even TGW are all good sources for discounted older lines

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