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Hei from Switzerland

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Hello everyone

It's a while already that I am crowling in this Forum, a lot of helpfull threads and tips in it. Just a question of time I'd subscribe to and here I am now.

Started playing Golf last september (2012) with a friend of mine, got addicted and worked on my swing the whole winter long.
Played some tournaments this year and went to HC 15. Going to a pro once per month.

I was reading a lot about golf this year, specially about mentel things, I am really interested with the question how to improve this side of the game. Books like "Golf is not a game of perfect", "The little red book", "My short game", some Zacharias (not a fan of it), and nowadays "Zen-Golf" are part of my Golf-collections. So I hope that sometime I'll be able to contribute with some tips too.

So, engoy your day and we'll see us on the greens.

If there are some swiss guys out there PM me a1_smile.gif

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Where in Switzerland?  I used to live in Yverdon, about 50 years ago, when I was a child.

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Actually I live near to bern.
I went to Yverdon / Chamblon for my Military-Service. I do know the GC Payerne and the GC Vuissens, both of them are nice places.

Have a nice day.
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My grandparents lived in Yverdon (grandfather from Oulens-sous-Echallens and grandmother from Avenches), that is where we went after we got out of Cuba in 1959.  My mother was Swiss, my sister and I received our citizenship in 1988 when the laws were changed.  Used to spend summer there in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Once in a while I get over there with work, either in Geneva or Basel as we use Jet Aviation extensively.  Have not been back to Yverdon since 2009, will get back within the next year.


Have a great day!!

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