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What loft

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Hi guys can anyone tell me . Are all say 8 irons have the same loft or are all golf clubs. Have a different loft on different makes THANKS

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Know. They or are all golf clods.

Yore welcomp.
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Iron lofts vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and model to model within a manufacturer's line. Driver, wood and hybrid lofts also vary.


Look up different iron models from web sites such as Callaway, Titleist and Taylormade. Then, compare lofts from the specification sheets of the different models.

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The loft of a modern day 8-iron is around 37°. For my old set of Titleist DCIs, the 8-iron is 39°. Historically, the tendency has been for manufacturers to strengthen the loft of their irons a little bit each year in order to increase sales. There us a great article on "loft creep"

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