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A tail of 2 nines

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I seem to be the blowup artist.  I played a fairly difficult course yesterday. 71 rating 133 slope.  A very unforgiving track.  I was hitting the ball well, playing smart and getting up and down.  I did not add my score after 9 because generally knowing that does not help me but I knew I had a good score going.


Hit a nice fairway drive on 16, 130 out.  I think to myself standing over the ball, I am going to birdie this.  Hosel rocket thankfully stays in play.  I proceed to come up short on a couple pitches out of the rough  bla bla bla card a 7.


Bottom line I shoot a low drama 41 on the front.  I shoot a 51 on the back.  3 triples, 3 doubles, 3 pars.


92, 92, 92   %$#@%#&#     92.   Story of my golf life I have a good round going and I have to destroy it.  I have to figure this out.  I am not sure, I get cocky or relaxed or run out of steam.  Do I need 5 hour energy?    &^%$%$#@#  92

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You probably get in your own head a bit. You know you have a good round going and then tighten up at the first sign of trouble. When I do something like that I tend to try to make up for my mistakes rather than just taking my medicine and trying to put my next shot in a position to minimize the damage. Try to shake off the last shot and think only about what is best to do with your next shot.

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