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Adjustable Putters

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The Arrowhead Putter is the most adjustable putter on the Planet.


Arrowhead Putter with mallet attached. Gives a good visual direction for lining up the putt.

Having tried so many putters in an attempt to sink more putts, now I make a new breed of adjustable putters. It allows me to tweak  different lofts + to -, shaft offsets, length adjustments, grip offsets.  Basically, I make it conform to my prefered stroke, no matter what I want to try to find optimal putting performance.  Im calling it Arrowhead Putters.  "Its the Indian, not the Arrow."  It is both.

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I'll allow this for now, but this site has a pretty strict anti-spamming policy, and if anything even whiffs of spam, it's deleted and if serious, the users are banned. And you're probably across that line (we'd normally delete this post but not ban you), but I'm feeling adventurous today.


Welcome to the site. Please participate outside of promoting your putters.


Thank you.

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Okay,  Thanks for allowing it.  No spam intended.  For future reference is there a place within the site to introduce new equipment?

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I had an opportunity to demo this new putter posted as well as take, view slow motion videos of the demo putter and my current putter. The visual differences in instant roll it had, and my old putter showed airborne with backspin and skid/bounce. Honestly, I never noticed it before. The videos comparisons were just about all I needed to get my full attention. I was allowed to use the club for my round that day and when I finished, I had one of my best putting rounds for a long time. I’ve used the same brand name putters for years, and thought they were as good as it gets. Bought it, and further fine tuning, adjusting specs a bit further, it has only gotten better, in confidence and performance. What ever works, I found one that works with me.
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Having played this putter for a month now, and testing quite a few different set-ups. and there can be quite a few, I now know how I putt the best, and the fit is spot on to my putting stroke.  Cant imagine playing a conventional putter ever again as they are so restricted to subtle stroke preferences now that I have played both and have relearned how to stoke to the intended line of play.  It weights a bit more than conventional putters, however I feel and see this as a plus in overall stability.

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