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Best score using less then half a set

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I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago and had an unpleasant surprise. My golfset was stolen. So I bought a Titleist 910f 5 wood and played a round only using the wood. Also putting and chipping. Scored a nice 97. Also made a chip-in par on a par5.


A day later I played a round using a rental set Ping G20 and.... I don't want to talk about it.:mad:

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97 with 5-wood only? That's pretty strong! c2_beer.gif

Every now and then a buddy and I will take the kids out to goof around and we'll just play 3 clubs. I don't know what my best score is, but it's gotta be low 80's.
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Easy to figure. No decisions needed and 100% confidence in the 5w.  I've often scored better with fewer clubs. Yeah, i don't like Pings either. 

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I shot 75 (+6 on a course with a 66.8 rating) to win our 4 club tournament this season.  5w, 7i, 52* & putter.  Other than when I first started playing, that is the only time I recall playing a full 18 with such a limited set.


When I was a kid, I knew a 17 yo who could shoot pretty close to par using his 5w & SW- he finished 2nd at the Jr Worlds (in San Diego using a full set) and 3rd at the So Cal Am the same season (putting the last 4 holes his first round with his SW after breaking his putter). 

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I've heard you can play with a 5 iron, wedge and putter and normally shoot your same score.
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This is a funny concept, but I would want a 6i or something like that...

Too hard to hit approach shots with a wood...
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When I coached the local JV golf team, every year I would have the guys play nine holes, using only one club of their choice and a putter. It was not unusual for a player to shoot 41 or 42 with a six iron and a putter, and then the next day go out in a match and shoot 45 or 46 with an entire set of clubs.

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That's really something, it makes you think where should I spend most if my time on the practice range.
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One guy I regularly play with shot 78 in our 4 club tourny- other than the first comp of the season, he said that was the only time he broke 80.  He shot 81 the first round of the club championship, but didn't have a lot of days where he broke 90 the rest of the time I played with him.

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I played the last 4 holes a few weeks ago with a driver, 5 wood, and putter and made 4 pars.


It took a LOT of luck to do it though. Especially the 160 yard par 3 where I hit a little half swing cut that landed (and stopped) on the green and a 125 yard shot that didn't come out at all like I intended but got the luckiest bounce in the world out of the thick rough and to the right and up on the green.


Of course most people would say that all of my scores are luck, and I wouldn't disagree with them.

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(Taking 10 clubs out of my bag as we speak)

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Gary Player says "the harder I work the luckier I get".
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