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Time to Upgrade?

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Hi All:

I have been playing Mizuno TC-29 Midsize since 1996. So after almost 20 years with these in my bag I am considering an upgrade. I still really like the performance of these guys, but there are a couple practical reasons for me to pursue the change.

First, the 20 year old graphite shafts are not holding up too well. (they actually held up really well all things considered, but I have had the 3i and the 4i start to splinter, I replaced the shaft in the 4i but the feel with the replacement shaft is completely different.)
Second, There are starting to be rust spots on the backs and souls of some of the heads
Third, a lot of the hozzel collar jobbies are starting to drift.


Also, I am frankly curious to know if upgrades to technology over the last two decades would help me out on the course. I have found the TC-29s to be fairly forgiving, but extremely workable. I don't want to give up any work-ability. Like anyone else, I am interested in seeing if I can get an extra couple yards, and a little more accuracy from something different. But, I don't want to move because of some kind of greener grass delusion.


Also, at 5'2" I am interested in perhaps pursuing customization to get some clubs that don't bruise my arm or stab me in the gut with their butts. 


In the bag right now:

Cobra M-Speed 11* Offset Ladies Shaft (needs replacing)
Cobra Amp Cell Fairway 3/4 16*
Ping Rapture 4h 21* (graphite)

Mizuno TC-29 Irons 4i-PW (regular graphite)

Mizuno  MP Series 52* (regular steel)
Mizuno MP Series 56* (regular steel) - out of the bag right now
Mizuno R Series 60* (regular steel)
Spalding Executive sand-wedge (you read that right)
Rossa Monza Spider 29" (cut)


Very interested to hear opinions and suggestions

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If you're in the market for a forged cavity back, I would recommend the Callaway X Forged irons or the MP 54 or 64 irons.  Basically any of the name brand OEM's do a pretty good job of having plenty of options for custom fitting.  Just have to go to a demo day and see what looks and performs best for you.

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