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Looking for a travel bag. Recommendations?

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Im going to be traveling and have the opportunity to play so free golf as long as i bring my clubs. I never traveled on a plane with my clubs before so need to buy a travel bag / case. I see there are a lot of them out there that basically go over you existing bag just to serve as protection while in transit. I would really like to get a padded or plastic travel bag that i can put my clubs directly in and then use it also on the course. I feel that i could get away with my 3 wood and cut down on my irons to avoid the weight. Has any one ever scene a travel bag that can also be used on the course?

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I traveled recently with mine.  I don't know of a case that doubles as an on-course bag.  I went on Craig'sList and got one for $60.  It is a Calloway.  It worked just fine, but is maybe a little big. I think it was made for cart-style golf bags.  But definitely worth the money I spent.  It protected the clubs just fine.


I'll probably re-sell it on CL and have spent basically nothing on it.  If I ever travel again I'll probably get a Club Glove.  Someone was picking theirs up at baggage claim the same time I was getting mine and it just seemed to be more compact, neat, easy to deal with.  I think it is kinda pricey though.


Regarding dropping some of your irons for weight, I'm not sure you need to do that.  I flew Delta and it wasn't by the pound or anything - but just a total weight limit on the bag.  I forget exactly what it was, but I had 2-3 pair of shoes, extra boxes of balls, some other clothing, etc. that wouldn't fit in my carry on and it was still under the limit.

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Check with the airline some charge to ship clubs no matter what the weight. If it's not something you do a lot take a look at fedex. I have done both.
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I have used a Club Glove (basic bag version) for 20 years and it still works fine.  Knock on wood, never experienced any club damage.  My clubs have gone to Ireland, Scotland, California and Florida without problems.


I have seen some hard-sided cases that supposedly double as cart bags.  I never thought of buying one so I can't give you any details other than the product exists.


I almost always fly Delta.  They will take my golf bag at no cost (SkyMiles American Express) as long as it weighs less than 50 pounds.  I have a light carry bag and even loaded with shoes, balls, rain gear, etc... it never has exceeded 40 pounds.


Every airline is different so you would be best advised to check with your particular air carrier.

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I have been using a bag just like this one below for 6 years. I travel for a living and it comes with me on about 20 round trip flights x 6 years and it looks like its in great shape still. very easy to go from the rental car to the course. only difference is mine has wheels on the bottom that i dont see in this pic.


it fits all my clubs, dozen balls, hats, towels, tees etc... fully setup, ready to play


I can only speak for united airlines, they consider it another bag. if you have the points, they dont charge you otherwise its $35 to check a bag i believe




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Thanks for all the input, im flying international so FED EX is out or any other shipping method. I like the e-bags bag caddy daddy one, looks like what im thinking. Thanks

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