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Joined site 5 minutes ago

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 Hey guys, just wanted to say hello as I just joined this site. The only time I ever get to talk golf is via a poker site that has a golf sub forum but there isn't enough true golf discussion so I am here.


 A little background. I am early 40's and I have been a recreational golfer since starting around 22 or so during college. I had maybe played 10 rounds my whole life up til that point and since then have played an avg of 1 rd week for 20 yrs with some months playing 2-3 times a week and some none at all.


 I was a 2 sport athlete in college and have always relied on my athletic ability and my hand/eye coordination to get me by. I have been about an 10-12 handicapper for the past 20 yrs until recently when I took a golf lesson and some stuff just clicked.  I started tracking every score and playing more and got a GHIN handicap and my index is now a 1.6 although I don't believe I am a 2 handicapper by any stretch of the imagination. I shot a few 74's, a few 75's a bunch of 76s and 77s and a few 78 to 80's and if I play rlly poor 81-83 and if I play gr8 72-73.  I don't see that as a 1.6 but that's what Im listed at for now.


Anyway, I am in Dallas area and love to meet other golfers (as long as you don't play slow lol) and I am playing in a tourney this Monday and pretty excited although my expectations aren't anything significant since I haven't played in any kind of tourney for a long time. Anyway, glad to find a pure golf forum

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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum.  I'm from Texas too...about 40 miles west of Houston.

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 That would be Katy or Sealy iirc from when I lived there. I ve played almost every course in Houston. And thx for the welcomes

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Just a little south of both.  I live in Weston Lakes.

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