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Ko goes pro (upon approval)

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Lydia Ko has applied for a youth exemption, she's now 16, and seeks to earn some cash. She has had enough seeing the winning checks written to her defeated opponent. 


But she will pass up the scholarship at Stanford which no doubt is waiting for her. Apparently only the chief honcho of the ladies league can decide and his (!!) voice is supreme and cannot be  appealed. 

Read more here.




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Im not a fan of these exemptions.  Whats the point in having rules if they are going to throw the rules out the window for every teen phenom that comes along?

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Perhaps the rules should just be changed then.


It's not the business of the "chief honcho of the ladies' league" to be a recruiter for Stanford U.

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They should take all power out of Whan's hand.  Why should he get to decide someone's future.  I say make it 18 no matter what with only one exception.  If you play in a tournament with sponsor's exception or you qualify for the tournament and you win, then  you should get all the same as anyone else that would of won the tournament.  Wie didn't win shit on the LPGA, but Lexie and Ko both have won and Ko has won multiple times so they both deserved it.  So make it simple if you qualify for the tour based on your play then your in, otherwise wait until your 18 and go to Q school.

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I say make it 18 no matter what.  It would be like making an exception in the legal age for sex if a personally is really, really attractive, saying, "its a waste to make them wait because they are just sooo hot!"

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LPGA approves Lydia Ko as pro. She starts work in Naples, FL, soon.  More here




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