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Originally Posted by bkuehn1952 View Post

By the way, what does everyone consider windy?  When it starts taking 2 or more clubs extra is when I think it is windy.  A club or so is pretty normal conditions for most of us, is my guess.

Good point .... I would consider 2+ club wind "windy" ...

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I am definitely NOT a wind player. That doesn't mean I always play poorly in the wind, but my game is just not suited well for it. I have a very high ball flight on all of my clubs and produce a lot of spin. That doesn't translate well in windy conditions... I have learned how to compensate for the wind pretty well and can estimate the yardage that a shot will play as opposed to it's true yardage, but even still my game is definitely affected on windy days. I would venture to say that my average score in the wind (15+ mph steady wind) is a couple strokes higher than on a calm day.

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I hate playing in high winds, 20 mph or more. Does not really alter my scores much, but really screws up my swing for the next round, as I generally am a high ball hitter, and alter my swing significantly in wind. On a different note though,I am very good in wet conditions for some reason...
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Originally Posted by Fourputt View Post


Fall and winter are the windy times in Colorado for the most part, at least on the front range.  I've played in some winds at Foothills where it took 3 full shots (driver, 3W, 8I) to reach a 400 yard par 4 into the wind.  Then 2 shots (driver, 8I) to reach a 520 yard par 5 on the next hole playing away from the mountains.


Holy crap.  That's crazy.

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Living in Ohio, I have no choice but to be a wind player.

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My brother and I love to play when it's crappy out or there's a chance of good weather but most golfers wouldn't bother. No one is ever on the course and the course loves the business on those slow days so it's the best time to play fast and not worry about waiting or rushing. We usually play in 2 1/2 hours even with 2 balls per hole each, spending time looking for balls and repairing divots. 


Aside from the decreased traffic, windy conditions help me more than it hurts me. I can't hit my full distances but I usually use the wind to stop my ball or steer a tee shot as I usually play the ball pretty low and straight in the wind and it helps my fwy% when I do that. I also like what the wind does to my tree infested local course, since there are only a couple holes made tougher by the wind. The majority of the par 4 and 5s are really wide landing areas but insanely tight lines off the tee, especially from the longer tees. Placement is important, but most of the second shots aren't that tough. Generally you want to hit close to straight on every tee shot, with the start line very controlled. It doesn't matter much if it curves either way whether due to your shot or the wind, all that usually affects is your lie and occasionally the angle.


I like playing in lots of wind once in a while, just because you can basically hit shots that are a lot of fun but never see the light of day otherwise. I might hit a stinger hybrid once in a while at the range, but on a nice day the higher shot is much more consistent. But being able to go to the extremes of my ability is always fun.


I do dislike the inconsistencies in green speed I sometimes encounter on sheltered vs open greens after a windy day.

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I thought I would play in any weather but one day last winter the temperature was 34 degrees (not bad), there was light rain (not bad), and the wind was blowing 35 to 40 MPH (there was the problem).


My son was home and he and my wife and I were going to play golf come hell or high water. Of course we were the only ones on the course and the course owner laughed at us for being idiots but off we went. As we were coming down the 4th fairway right into the teeth of the wind it hit me, this wasn't any fun at all.


I told my wife and son I didn't know about them but after that hole I was going to the car to warm up for a while. The parking lot was too close to that green to resist. After a 15 minute break in the car we finished the front nine and called it a day.

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I learned to play in West Texas. Wind was just something you learned to deal with. We used to laugh when watching a pro tournament, an announcer would say the wind is gusting to 10 mph. That was calm conditions for us. Still live in Texas (always will). You just have to adjust to it. You learn to flight the ball a little more. I developed a forward press to help me hit it lmore solidly and lower.

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I don't mind a little wind. It's fun to have to anticipate 3-5 yards of movement due to wind. But last Sunday I experienced REAL wind. It was HARD! Fall golf, 7 degrees (Canadian, can't remember the conversion right now but I'm guessing that's around 35* American) Huge ball movement in the air and what killed you was the inconsistency of the wind, you would line up to play some major left to right movement and halfway through your backswing it would die out completely!

It had rained the whole day and night before so the sheltered greens were slow as mud and the wind exposed greens were fast like lightning. On some of the exposed greens the wind was so strong you had to play it like break, hit some cross hill putts dead straight because I knew the wind would hold them on line. Took a few holes to figure this out but by the end of the round I was getting pretty good at reading the "wind break".

Shot a 104*, which felt miraculous! Great learning experienced.

*the asterisk is z8_offtopic.gif so I'll share it in another thread.
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Originally Posted by bkuehn1952 View Post

By the way, what does everyone consider windy?  When it starts taking 2 or more clubs extra is when I think it is windy.  A club or so is pretty normal conditions for most of us, is my guess.


Yes.   And I play about 3 strokes worse under that condition.  My main problem is that I don't adjust to the wind condition enough.   I will be short against wind, long with wind, and hit too much left/right with cross wind. 

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Exactly the opposite for me...a 20mph wind will guarantee that I will add 3 or 4 strokes.  Hate the wind, but love golf enough I'll go in it.  

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