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Of the following drivers: Which is best?

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What do you guys think?







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Best for what?

The clubheads will all make equally good paperweights, LOL.

Seriously though, they are all 5-10 year old clubs from quality makers. The oldest will be a little smaller and offer less forgiveness than newer models. See my sig, though, I am certainly not a poster boy for new technology.

What would make one of these "better" or "worse" for you, would be the loft and the shaft they are paired with.
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I used a rental set last summer while on vacation in PEI and it had a Adams Insight driver (not the square one, it was a traditional shaped head) and I found it very forgiving. Probably not as long as the Diablo (they are effing long!!) but it certainly treated me nice.

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Which ever one works best for your golf game. There is no right answer, to which one is best, that is up to you.

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Which Insight? I'm curious.
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Launcher. I should have never swung a 460 driver, because it made my Launcher 330 look freakishly small. I lost confidence in it even though it was a proven winner for me. I'm hoping the Classics XL I just picked up can continue to perform like the Launcher did for me in the past.
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The Cleveland driver has been a big hit with my wife and my retired playing partner.  The G5 has worked for me.

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Any of them should work for you. However, you will never know which one works best for you unless you get a chance to hit them all. Personally, I've owned 3 Cleveland drivers (HiBore, Launcher 460 and Classic 310) and hated them all. For some reason, couldn't find a sweet spot on any of them; felt like a tin can on a stick. I've traded all of them in. Personally, I would go with Titleist, Cobra, TM or Callaway - I always got something out of those brands.

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The Ping is working for me. It has a draw bias and naturally turns the face square. Great for guys like myself who are lazy getting around on the ball or have natural fade for one reason or another. Not sure but I think Ping calls it SFT or straight flight technology. 10% of the weight shifted toward heel.
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I think the question is have you tried them?

If so what one did you hit the best, felt the most confidence with, that is the one you get.


If you are looking to just get a new driver and not able to try them, then I have heard a lot of good things about the Diablo.

I started with a Cobra off set 10.5 reg was very happy with it, got it for a great price off the Internet, 2 year old model new. I would not have changed if not for trying the Ping G25.

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