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Originally Posted by rustyredcab View Post

Anyone who shoots 140 every time out must have goals that do not include lowering score...


I can see getting 140, probably not for me at this point. However, I scored a really bad 112 (71.6/133), recently, due to lots of OB and making swing adjustments during the round. I don't really see too much difference between a 112 (for me) and a 140 (for a beginner). It just means I made a few more good shots/putts more during the round.


My first round ever was only 108 (my daughter scored me 2.5 years ago, so I think it was by the rules) at Brookside in Pasadena course 2 from the white tees, my coach at the time was disappointed. I was pretty happy just to make it through the round. My lowest score ever, was an 89 on the same course and tees with my highest in the 120s.


If you are making adjustments to your swing and/or have fluctuations in distance from round to round I can see getting 120s or even a 140 on a difficult course.


It couldn't hurt for the OP to help his friend with fundamentals by watching him swing. If I had a buddy who would watch me while I practice and let me know what is grossly wrong, I would really appreciate it. Approach your buddy with some tact and grace and smoothly transition to watching him and letting him know what might be grossly off.


Good Luck to the OP.

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I play with a friend like this. He shoots a good 30 strokes over what I do. I used to get frustrated with it but not anymore. We talk about him getting some lessons but hes a busy guy. Its more about hanging out and having fun. But as I get better I can see starting to play with some other people that are more of the same skill lvl. As i improve I would like to play some nicer ( more expensive ) courses that are more challenging. With the additional investment I wouldn't want to play a round of golf with anyone who was less skilled than me. It can really throw your rhythm off and drag you down. I hope he gets lessons because his short game is killer. But it's like getting poked in the eye trying to watch him get to the green.
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It may be best for everyone concerned if you don't play with this friend any more for a while.  Sound's like you are frustrated, and I bet you're driving him nuts.


If you don't want to quit playing with him, I'd suggest you have a conversation off the course (over beers maybe?) about whether he would like to have you help him improve his game.  If he says no, then leave the guy alone!  Unsolicited advice is rude, and handing out a ton of free advice that doesn't correspond with what his teacher is working on can only hurt the guys game.


If he's willing to let you help him, why don't you discuss what exactly he's working on with his pro currently and spend some time on the range together practicing.  But, as has been suggested, don't go adding a bunch of your own ideas about how he could get better fast.  For most people a golf swing is something that needs to be cultivated and built up in layers.  A qualified teaching pro is the best person to decide when new layers are needed.

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How about this, stop trying to impose your tips on him. If he wants to get better, that is up to him. He's not obligated to take any of your opinions at all.

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Some sports just aren't for everyone. I can play pretty much anything well, natural athletic ability, but can't hit a baseball for the life of me. Can still dunk at 37 though.
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My first round was a 136, so I can believe 140. Fortunately I've come along a little since that day a year and a half ago. I cracked into the 90's in May.


As someone who has kind of groped his way toward minimal competence, it was funny how some tips were useful and others simply made things worse. The golfer himself needs to decide who to listen to. It's part of the trial and error that makes the whole thing worthwhile.


I also had a buddy want to help me out. Some of it helped. Some didn't. I occasionally ask him questions He understands I don't want to hear from him in the middle of the round unless I ask.

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Don't play with him anymore. He MIGHT get the picture.

Secondly, someone said to me a long time ago, don't take advice from a player who doesn't break 80.

Lastly, I don't give advice either. Not even to my wife!


ps: Golf is supposed to be fun. Don't let a guy who doesn't want to hear anything get in your head and make it NOT fun for you.
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If he's shooting 140 then 2 lessons isn't enough to help him shave 40 strokes.  He needs a lesson once a week (from the pro) followed by daily range sessions where he's working on exactly what he's being told until his next lesson.  You're expecting too much, and anyone can point out a million things wrong with a beginners swing, but just telling him he needs to do this or that isn't teaching.  Someone shooting in the 70's would get tired of waiting for you just like you don't like waiting for him.  You either need to be patient or find someone in your own skill range to play with, that's what most people do.

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